Saturday, August 20, 2016

Looking for a hidden sunset

When the sky puts on a show
London, ON
August 2016
Thematic. Hidden. Here.
I've learned over the past few years that life isn't as much about the big moments as it is about the small ones, the otherwise-routine moments that come and go, day after day, that get lost in the ether of history if we don't grab them as they whip past.

So when the living room started to glow a fascinating shade of yellow the other night, our daughter and I grabbed our DSLRs and headed for the back deck.

In the end, her pics are way better than mine - here's her Instagram feed - but it isn't so much the pictures that I'll remember. Rather, it's the moment where we stood on the deck and chatted with each other as we tried to figure out how to shoot through the tree canopy and bring home something that told the story.

I hope the experience imprinted on her as profoundly as it did on me.

Your turn: How do you capture or otherwise remember those everyday moments?

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