Monday, August 29, 2016

Whatever you do, be kind

I came across this not-so-little scene at an OnRoute service stop on the drive home from Toronto last week and couldn't resist taking a picture of it. In the overall scheme of things, this causes barely a ripple. After all, no one was hurt, and other drivers could have easily parked elsewhere. So, no, I won't be ripping my clothes in uncontained anger over this.

But still, it bugs me. Because someone who would park like this is just as likely to ignore the needs of others in so many other aspects of life. If you can't be bothered to check that you aren't taking enough parking spots to moor the Exxon Valdez, then where else are you simply not bothering?

So as the new work week begins, I hope we'll all take an extra moment, in whatever we're doing or wherever we're going, to look behind and around us and ponder, if only briefly, how our actions - and words, and tones, and whatever else we may be emitting - affect others. And maybe, maybe, change our direction just a little so that others may be given some sense of advantage or inspiration.

It's not that difficult, and it might make the world an ever so slightly better place.

I'll give it a try. Will you?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

You and I and a select few would be considerate... then again, the person who chose to park this way is either: self absorbed, did not want anyone parked near them- why I don't know... I don't think this vehicle is in the Maserati category or Porsche....Its usually a select few, thank God, its ONLY a select few.

Susan at West of Mars said...

Please be kind. Since my eye injury (and concussion), I can't always tell if my tail end has cleared the line -- and my surgeon says that parking lots are THE most dangerous places and wants me to pull through whenever I can -- another good hit to the head can leave me permanently blind in the bad eye. So I am doing the best I can. If there's someone beside me, it's easier to tell if I've crossed the line (ha) or not. And I don't drive a large vehicle like this!