Wednesday, December 19, 2018

2 years...

Such a pretty boy
London, ON
August 2016
This photo originally shared on Instagram
Two years ago today, we said goodbye to this little fella. Frasier was our first dog, and we were pretty lucky his path crossed ours.

When we rescued him as a scraggly 8-month-old, we knew it was one of the most illogical decisions we had ever made, a leap into Miniature Schnauzer-hood, and all the insanity that comes with the breed. They're smart, stubborn, loud, and filled with enough energy to run a small city. If you want easy, Schnauzers aren't for you.

His background added even more challenge, as we knew he had been abused and neglected. He didn't speak English and we didn't understand dog, so we never told us in so many words, but the quirks that stuck with him for the rest of his life made it clear his first few months weren't good ones. I lost count of how many times I choked back tears when I imagined what he endured. Who does that to a dog? We'll never know, and it'll always bother me.

Still, he was a sweetheart who put up with the limitless love that three growing kids can give. He was enormously patient, and never tired of being picked up, dressed up, hugged, or fawned over. I'm sure he loved it.

His diabetes diagnosis at 4 was a turning point for our kids. They took charge of his insulin injections, and cared for him with a maturity that exceeded their years. They grew into better people because of him.

We brought home another Mini last year, and I suspect Calli would have had a good time with her big Schnu-brother. I suspect he would have loved her, too. We'll never know, but that's not the point. What matters is that we had him at all, and despite the fact we never have them for as long as we'd like, they still manage to permanently imprint themselves into the our family fabric. That alone makes the lost sleep, expense, and worry worth it.

We miss you, little buddy, but are immensely thankful we got to share your life for as long as we did.

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Kalei's Best Friend said...

I looked forward to your stories on Frazier. Now it’s Calli. I bet there’s a bit of Frazier in her. 😉