Saturday, December 08, 2018

There's a hole in my roof!

Let the sun shine in
London, ON
December 2018
This photo originally shared on Instagram
I was leaving a funeral last Sunday. Our community lost an inspirational leader, and his family lost a dad, a husband, a grandfather, a man who exemplified the ideals we all strive for within our own homes and families.

As I slowly walked, deliberately alone, back to my car, I found myself wondering about the ingredients of a life well-lived, and what it would take to ensure we plant the right seeds to benefit others long after we're gone.

My coat was open on this unusually warm and sunny early December day. I could hear chatter behind me about the lovely weather, and how appropriate it was that the sun came out as he was being buried.

I got to my car, saw the sunroof and decided it needed to be opened. As it slid open above my head and exposed the brilliant blue sky, I further decided the moment needed to be remembered. Because small, simple moments of happiness hold immense power to heal.

Sure enough, as I sprawled over the a-pillar to get the shot, friends of ours walked up to their car, parked right next to mine. They know my photographic deal, and were delighted to see me having a bit of fun at a time that ordinarily made little room for it.

Soon enough, I had my photo, and it was time to go. Creativity had won out on an otherwise dark day, and the lessons I learned from the man we mourned were applied to a frozen moment of a hole in the roof of my car. Maybe I planted some seeds of my own on this sunny, sad afternoon.

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