Sunday, December 02, 2018

Where water dances in the dark

Las Vegas, NV
November 2018
This photo originally shared on Instagram
The scene: My hotel room balcony, 18 floors above the Las Vegas strip, and right across the road from the Bellagio fountain.

I don't have much free time this week, as conferences are always so jam-packed with work-related stuff that there's seemingly never enough time to truly break away. Beyond the hours spent covering everything we originally came here to accomplish, there are late nights and early mornings spent writing, rewriting, cramming over a glowing laptop, prepping for whatever comes next and trying to stay ahead of the endless wave of accountability.

That's what makes so-called in-between moments like this as precious as they are. You don't expect them. Rather, you grab them as they present themselves. You steal these snippets wherever you can, to carve out a special memory before setting off to the Next Big Thing.

In a place where everyone cares about your deliverables, the big things you pull off in meetings, on podiums, under spotlights in front of lots of people, this is the one thing that matters to you alone.

So I worked quickly to capture these world-famous dancing waters as best I could. The light was awful. I had the wrong camera with me. I was too tired to see or think straight. Someone upstairs was smoking a lot of weed. But for a few glorious minutes, I got to play with light and water, and in doing so managed to make myself smile for the first time since leaving the house days earlier.

Temporary escapism via viewfinder. I'll take that.

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