Thursday, December 06, 2018

Dog at rest, for now

Yes, I'm a pretty girl
London, ON
December 2018
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At 19 months-old, I can't say with any confidence that we've figured her out. Bedtime is still a riot of bouncing around and exploring every corner of the room her super-nose can sniff out before she eventually settles into a cozy ball, often on top of my wish-I-could-be-sleeping head. Mornings are spent with her standing over us in bed, crying in our ear asking to go outside, only to run away from us and hide under the dining room table when we head downstairs and fetch her leash. She's odd like that, and in so many other ways, and not a moment goes by that you're not wondering what comes next.

I say this not to complain, because I'm smiling as I write it. Sure, I shake my head often when we're together, but also, always, with a smile. Somewhat perversely, I enjoy the nuttiness that is Calli, and often think the universe dictated we'd have a dog as wacky as we are. She's a Levy - what can be wrong with that?

Today was an especially good day for her. I woke up with decidedly more cold virus in my system than I apparently had last night. So a day home from the office was called for - complete with giant hoodie, soft jammies, endless tea and a whole lot of whining (mine, not hers.)

She followed me around for the entire day, plopping her 14-pound self down beside me whenever she thought I needed a cuddle. She's usually a cuddlebug, but only on her terms. Today, she seemed to shift a gear as she realized not all was normal in our usually predictable world. I could almost see the thoughts form in her head: "Daddy didn't leave the house at the same time as Mommy did today, so maybe I should turn on the canine-empathy machine."

Who am I kidding? I'll never read her mind. But that's not what matters. Today, I got to hang out with a particularly good puppy. On balance, that makes the day a good one.

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