Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Cathedral in the forest

Makes me feel small
London, ON
November 2017
This photo originally shared on Instagram
This was taken on a "before" day, before we learned to dread the ringing of a phone, before our lives turned toward the uncertain.

I was on a photo walk with our daughter, with no agenda for either of us beyond exploring a new-to-us space - in this case a jewel called the Sifton Bog - and shooting whatever happened to move us.

The cathedral of trees backstopped against a heart-stopping blue sky felt like an appropriate signature of an afternoon I wish I could seal away and preserve forever. She inherited not only the creative gene from her lovely mom, but the kindness one, as well, and days like this, where we hang out together and take in the scene through well-used glass, remind me again why becoming parents was such a good call for us.

It made us feel somewhat humbled to be in a place so rich with life - or in this case, potential life - and we swapped suggestions as we positioned ourselves on the narrow boardwalk and pointed our cameras skyward.

You hold onto the memory of days like this when the scene in front of you is significantly more challenging. And you quietly make plans to make it happen again as soon as circumstance allows.

Because life notwithstanding, we're all blessed in some way, and all we need to do is focus on the moments where those blessings, like an afternoon with my kid, present themselves to us.

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