Saturday, March 09, 2019

Shadows across an empty office floor

The silence before
London, ON
March 2019
This photo originally shared on Instagram
Everyone's got a pecking order, a priority list of things they like and things they, um, like a little less. If you could see mine, befores would rank above afters.

Befores are all potential. The good stuff is ahead of us, something to look forward to, like a gift box waiting to be opened. Befores make us feel like kids, heads filled with wonder about the surprise just in front of us. We may not know exactly what that is, but we hope it'll be worth the wait.

Afters either live up to the hype, or they don't. The proverbial wrapping paper strewn on the ground can often be a sad reminder that we don't always get what we want. I'm lucky that way: My afters almost always fulfill the promises of my befores. Or maybe that just how I choose to see it.

The before you see here holds the promise of an eventful day in an office where we grant the wishes of those around us on a regular basis. Our core mission is to help others unleash the power of technology, to wow them with our knowledge and caring, to give them the tools to go further.

And in this resonant early morning moment, before everyone gets in, before the floors hum with intense focus, I often come to this particular spot to reflect on the day ahead, and think about how I'll turn those promising befores into tangible, fulfilling afters.

Wherever you work and whatever you do, I hope you cherish your own befores as much as I cherish mine.

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21 Wits said...

Aah I always enjoy wandering through your thoughts, it's a gift and your posts (and photos) are much like the before and after that you speak of, and for me I always walk away after feeling happy that I opened up your post and lingered in thought regarding myself and/or my own thoughts on whatever the subject is. I also enjoy looking favorably to both my before and after, no matter what, we can always find something to be thankful and grateful for.