Wednesday, March 06, 2019

When puppies wait by the door

Always watching
London, ON
December 2018
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We have a narrow window beside the front door of our house, and every time we come home, this little girl stands behind it and waits patiently for us. She's pretty easy to spot, thanks to those delightful Schnauzer ears.

I don't know what goes through her puppy head as she waits, or what she's thinking as we open the door and she goes ballistic, all 15 pounds of her bouncing crazily between us, the floor, the walls, everywhere. I do know it never gets old, the unconditional love you get from a dog every time you return home.

The world is a pretty challenging place at the best of times, and that is especially true for my little brood now. We dread the ring of the phone because it likely foretells bad news. We stare at the ceiling at night, wondering what will happen next. We don't plan too far ahead, because life will almost certainly rewrite those plans.

Calli doesn't know precisely what's going on, but she knows something's up. And having her here has been a blessing as she shoulders a burden none of us could see coming. A few minutes of play with her is a perfect escape from the relentless pressure, and I'll never tire of listening to the voices of my wife and kids when they're with her.

Because when they do, joy returns to our home. Sure, the phone eventually rings, the darkness inevitably returns. But our wiggly pup is always watching us, ready to tease out smiles and laughs, one moment, one hind-leg-dance, one schnu-hug at a time.

Because she's far stronger than she looks.

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