Sunday, March 31, 2019

One last blast through the snow

Let's go, Dad
London, ON
March 2019
This photo originally shared on Instagram
She needs a haircut. Desperately. Which makes me a terrible dog dad. But none of that mattered to her this morning. Puppies are like that, entirely devoid of self-consciousness, not caring a whit that they may not be ready to walk the red carpet.

But who am I kidding? She'll walk wherever she wants. And this morning, she was itching to tear into the late-season snow that blanketed the region overnight and prompted localized power failures and social media freakouts alike. But just as she has no use for makeup, mirrors, and self-help books, she also has no desire to complain about the weather when she'd rather bury her Schnauzer nose deep into the white stuff.

I suppose if she cared about social media, she'd have lots to say about folks who whine about winter overstaying its welcome, who bitterly muse about the unfairness of it all (oh, the humanity!) But she doesn't care. That dog thing again. It's glorious, no?

So we ignored the fake Facebook histrionics and instead explored our temporary winter wonderland. She snorkeled her snout deep into every thick, fat, wet drift she could find, and periodically kicked off the clumps of snow that stuck in the raggedy fur on her legs. She was happy, and I was happy to watch and listen, to feel the moment and witness joy in its most pure, canine form.

I suppose it would be more convenient to not have a dog at all, to get to sleep in on Sunday mornings and not have to head out, bleary-eyed in my jams, winter coat and Elmer Fudd-like hat. But then I'd miss moments like this. And since we're only gifted a limited number of them in the first place, I'll happily trade convenience for some quiet reverence with a dog who understands what really matters without ever muttering a word.

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