Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Celebrating our family's very pillar

Lilly's first moments with Bubby
Dryden, ON
June 2022
This photo originally shared on Instagram

She’s quite the human being, this one, and for 364 days of the year, she spends every waking moment ensuring we’re all taken of.

Today the light turns on her, as she celebrates another spin around the sun.

I’m rather certain there will be cake, singing (sorry in advance), many hugs and calls, and a dog at our feet trying to figure out what all the fuss is about. It’ll look like the typical day in our little family, because thanks to Debbie, we celebrate every one we get.

And while those everyday celebrations may not always involve balloons and candles and presents, she makes sure they’re special and memorable in their own right.

From the moment I met her, she’s been teaching me that small moments are in fact the big moments.

So while today’s milestone may be another small moment in a life that she’s ably filled with them, it’s a really big thing for her and for us, and a reminder that we’re lucky to be flying around our nearest star alongside her.

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