Thursday, October 13, 2022

Take your tummy to Chenoy's

Have a seat
Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC
October 2022
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A lifetime ago, we lived a few blocks away from a beloved local restaurant.

We didn’t come here often, but it seemed to be our go-to whenever major life milestones happened.

Bought our first house. Brought our firstborn home. Celebrated birthdays and holidays. Sold our house and moved far away.

All communities have anchors that just always seem to be there, and many of these anchors seem to revolve around food.

And a generation after we first set foot in here, we returned.

Our firstborn now has a firstborn of his own. Three of the four grandparents who were waiting when we brought him home are no longer with us. This is no longer our hometown. The roots that once bound us to this place slowly and inevitably lost their connection as we dug new roots in a community 9 hours west of here.

Yet this restaurant remained right here, unchanged, this entire time. Walking back in through the doors covered with tattered stickers felt much the same as it did way back then. The place even smelled happily familiar. Like home.

Except we were no longer a couple of kids dealing with their first mortgage or pacing the floor with a fussy newborn just before dawn.

Instead, we were back to close out another chapter, to remove yet another root, so to speak, that once connected us to a place, this place, that was once all we knew.

The vinyl booth hadn’t changed. Neither had the menu. Or the mirror-backed bar in the corner.

We’re the ones who changed.

That’s how life works, after all.

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