Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Does Q*bert enjoy a good bagel?

London, ON
January 2023
This photo originally shared on Instagram

It all started with bagels.

More precisely, we were out of them. So we added the bagel store to our list of places to visit during our Saturday afternoon family grand adventure.

(Some folks call them errands. Sorry I’m weird.)

As we walked into the store, the floor grabbed my eye. I date myself by referencing the ancient Q*bert video game, but whenever I see patterns like this, it’s all I can think of.

While my wife and daughter played the part of the responsible adults who took care of our needs, I hung back and appreciated the floor. I discovered the 3D effect played fun games with my brain as I moved around the space and stared at it from different perspectives.

Like I said, weird.

There were, as expected, a number of challenges. It’s winter in Canada, so there were a couple of spots of tracked-in dirt in the middle of an otherwise pristine space. Similarly, rubber mats near the display cases further encroached on the once-vast expanses of patterned loveliness.

So I played with my phone and came up with something that seemed to work. Or at least encouraged me to try again the next time we run out of bagels.

Because there’s always a next time. Because local treasures like this place - Old Bagel House - continue to add color to a community that needs it. Because my life seems to be filled with weird moments in the middle of grand adventures with my favorite folks.

Q*bert would doubtless approve, even if he’s never had the pleasure of a Montreal bagel.

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