Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Hot dog still-life

Tuck in
London, ON
January 2023
This photo originally shared on Instagram

In the early days of Instagram, we took artsy pictures of our meals and shared them with complete strangers.

The early days of Instagram are long gone, but we still need to eat. And we still need to connect with people because we’re all, you know, human.

So here’s my offering from yesterday’s lunch. The sun had come out for what seemed like the first time in weeks, and the shadows were particularly fetching.

I’ll sheepishly admit my menu choice wasn’t my finest nutritional decision of the day, and it’s becoming increasingly clear that I have a very serious addiction to honey mustard.

But I’ve always viewed the hot dog as something of a happy food, one that reminds us of moments when life was a little simpler or a little brighter. Or maybe both.

And it was a Monday. Blue Monday, at that. So a little simple brightness was called for.

It took less time to eat than it did to shoot this photo. But the moment made me smile, and I’m hoping it made you smile, too.

Which, I’m thinking, is why we started shooting food pics way back when.

And why we still do.

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