Sunday, January 29, 2023

Fog gives. Fog takes away.

Lean in
London, ON
January 2023
This photo originally shared on Instagram

They say fog erases color and sound as it turns the world into a flat scene of muffled monochrome.

Far be it for me to disagree as I wander the empty path through the woods and ponder the absence of brightness and volume.

Yet the further I walk into the murk, the more this blanketed place reveals itself to me.

It isn’t colourless. Grey is a color, and the closer I look the more shades I can see, all pulled from a seemingly limitless palette. Yes, it’s subtle, and yes, you have to work a little to appreciate it. But it’s there.

Likewise the sounds. What felt silent as I first walked in is now a gently emerging song of the sleeping forest. Definitely muffled, or otherwise suppressed by the thick pea soup that still chokes the senses. But, like the greys that brush my eyes, they’re there, talking to my ears in hushed tones. I just have to listen for them.

Soon enough it dawns on me that the fog is telling a bit of a broader story.

That in the woods and in life, we do well to work a little harder to tease out the inputs that don’t always scream.

That we miss too much if we choose to ignore all that goes on around us.

That paying attention pays off. Often in subtle, meaningful ways.

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