Friday, February 23, 2024

After the last fan has left the stadium

Toronto, ON
September 2023
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I grew up watching the Montreal Expos lose their way year after year into the hearts of Montrealers. Eventually they started to win, only to leave the city they first called home.

It was a hard lesson in real-world sports economics, where the simple joy of just being a fan wasn’t nearly enough to keep the magic going.

So these days we root for Canada’s only remaining Major League Baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays.

And as I often do whenever we see them play at the Rogers Centre (Skydome forever!) I like to wander the concrete concourse after the game and grab a few random memories through glass before we head for home.

I settled on the lower bowl seats this time out, because I knew they’d be gone before our next visit. The old stadium is in the middle of a huge makeover designed to maximize profits from fewer customers. That real-world sports economics thing again.

I needed to remember what it felt like to sit in the stands and watch our heroes play a game they loved.

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