Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Herring. Not red.

Which fish?
Thornhill, ON
April 2024
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On a grand grocery-getting adventure to the Big City to the East with my most favourite human ever, I come across a stranger selecting the perfect jar of herring.

I’m mesmerized by the scene as he slowly zeroes in on the display case and carefully scans his options.

I’m not much of a herring fan, but I appreciate that my tastes are far from universal. This is a serious choice for him, and he’s taking his time.

I quietly watch from afar as he settles on one, places it in his cart, and moves on. He never knew I was there, never knew I was watching, will likely never know his story is being told here.

The anonymity is deliberate. Because he could be any one of us, looking for whatever it is that touches our taste buds. Or souls.

Most of the time, we do so without an audience. Sometimes, though, I like to imagine that exceptions can be made.

Either way, I hope he enjoyed his find. I hope everyone here found what they were looking for.

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