Sunday, April 07, 2024

Always ride with your shadow

Me, myself, and my machine
London, ON
April 2024
This photo originally shared on Instagram

It was a good day to go for a ride. So I did.

I admit I had been remiss in getting on the bike. Mild winter notwithstanding, I just wasn’t feeling it. The roads here have become overrun with street racers, and the near-constant cacophony of screaming engines and fartcan exhausts reflects the almost total absence of enforcement.

To be frank, it scares the daylights out of me. And I’m ashamed that I allowed the fear to keep me off the bike.

But a few weeks ago, I agreed to join a community ride. And that ride is today. So fear or not, I needed to take the bike - and my body - for a shakedown ride to ensure everything still worked.

Not 2 kms from the house, I had angry, naughty words for a motorist who blindly turned through an intersection into my path. I saw it coming - too busy with her phone - but still.

Regardless, it didn’t rattle me so much as it galvanized me to keep riding. We may indeed be surrounded by distracted, indifferent, and reckless drivers. But I’m not going anywhere.

The rest of the ride was lovely. The bike - an orange gravel bike that a friend suggested I name Tangerine Dream - performed beautifully, smooth and responsive and oh so freaking quick. I couldn’t wipe the stupid smile off of my face, and I reminded myself, after too much time on the sidelines, why I’ve always loved this sport as much as I do.

Soon enough I reached my turnaround point and stopped for some spontaneous shadowy selfie photography. I’ll often send my wife little photo-notes from the road, just to let her know I’m okay. Today I also needed to thank her for quietly pushing me to get back out there.

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