Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Do bikes belong here?

Road trip
Komoka, ON, September 2011
About this photo: Thematic explores the triangle. Do you want to join in? You can, you know. Just click here.
I was on a tour of the countryside to the west of our burg when I came across a ratty old tractor with a for-sale sign on it. I shared its story here.

As I finished shooting and turned back to to my bike, I decided I rather liked how my pink machine looked parked on the gravel shoulder. It wasn't an ideal position - I was almost shooting into the sun - but I wasn't about to rearrange the machine to suit the conditions. The entire point was to remember the scene as it originally presented itself.

The traditional double-diamond bike frame has always been a thing of beauty to me. Repeated attempts to get my wife to allow me to mount one on the wall as a sorta-work-of-art have been rather firmly denied. I'm OK with it, though, as I realize sitting on a couch with a bike frame hanging over your head can be somewhat disconcerting. My wife, she is wise. And lovely.

And she tells me to ride my bike. That makes her perfect, too.

Your turn: Do you ever wander?


21 Wits said...

Yes, even before I talked, according to my mother. I really like your wheels...looks like the perfect spot to pause and wander right where you did! I'll have to go back and check out the tractor coffee pot is beeping Coffee is ready!

Bob Scotney said...

If you enlarge this photo you can just about make out lots of triangles made by the spokes of the wheels.

Anonymous said...

I'm committed to wandering. And wondering. Concurrently, for the most part...

The best thinking spaces are the wide open ones.

rashbre said...

Yes - wandering is good.

I can't help taking the bait to enlarge the bike picture too.

I have a particular respect for Canadian bikes after taking one out around Tyax, BC and initially not even being able to make it go forward because of the gradients.