Monday, October 10, 2011

Jobs clips & coverage

The period from Wednesday night through much of Thursday was quite a blur. I found out about Steve Jobs's passing when the producer of CFRB's Friendly Fire called me and asked me if I'd heard the news. I hadn't - I was walking the dog, which is naturally not conducive to reading on my BlackBerry given the physics of a neurotic schnauzer - and a few seconds later found myself on-air sharing my very immediate feelings.

Not my best radio performance, but such is life.

Soon after, I was in a studio talking to CTV News Channel's Marcia MacMillan as my phone and inbox exploded with activity. I was back in the same studio early the next morning for a rapid-fire series of interviews, including:
  • CTV's Canada AM with Bev Thomson (video)
  • CTV News Channel with Jacqueline Milczarek and Dan Matheson (roundup page here, including a link to the first of 2 hits)
  • Business News Network (BNN) with Martin Cej and Frances Horodelski (video)
I managed to speak with a bunch of radio folks, too, including AM980/London's Jeff Macarthur, CJOB/Winnipeg's Richard Cloutier, and the CBC Radio One national news desk. On the print/electronic side, I was quoted in the Toronto Star (Madhavi Acharya-Tom Yew), Agence France-Presse (Glenn Chapman) and ReadWriteWeb (Scott Fulton).

The latter piece is notable because Mr. Fulton isn't just some guy who calls me for quotes. He's been a good friend since I became an analyst, and talking about my earliest back-of-the-high-school-biology-lab memories of the Apple II was a moment amid the chaos that helped me catch my breath and put the whirlwind of discussion into a broader context.

I've been privileged to get to know some amazing people because of the work that I do, and as sad as being part of last week's coverage was, I'm lucky I was able to connect once again with the best of the best as I worked through what was clearly a trying day for many. This is what great journalists do, of course, but it's a soul-stirring reminder to experience it firsthand.

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