Saturday, September 16, 2006

Swizzle sticks and light

Found these at my parents' place. I liked 'em because they shoot b&w any way you look at them. (This seems to be a recurring theme lately. Maybe I'm destined to shoot monochromatic scenes.)

This isn't an earth-shatteing image by any stretch of the imagination. Just a simple composition that incorporates an interesting play on light. Simple, but still something that has stuck in my mind since the moment I first captured it. I hope it has a similar effect on you.

Your turn: What are the first 3 words that come to mind when you see this? Why are images like this memorable?


kenju said...

"Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble" came to mind, Carmi, though I don't know why. I love black and white images; they stand the test of time in a way that color cannot.

Michele sent me tonight.

verniciousknids said...

"Drops of water" entered my mind!

Michele says hi.

Catherine said...

I'm not sure what words entered my mind, I think I enjoy this visually without feeling a need to add words to it.
Black and white highlights good composition and tonal balance without the distraction of colour - and I think that we are predisposed to enjoy the interplay of light.
Michele sent me

h&b said...

Bubble .. hope .. drinkies !!


Glad I could comment today .. sometimes your questions as me to look deeper than I care to look.
Your 9/11 tribute choked me up .. I think I attempted a couple of comments, revised, and eventually deleted.

Thanks also for visiting my blog.
I am here today from Michele's, but most often visiting from my own list .. as always, it's been a pleasure .. and I should comment more often ;)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

First three words: Round Glass Baloons...
As I first looked at these images I thought glass baloons...! And 'round', too....LOL!

I love this picture because it is an unexpected image. Surprosing and wonderful, too!

Karen said...

Gosh, words fail me here. Maybe because it's 1:30 in the morning and I'm usually asleep. But it's a very cool photo!

Here via Michele's this morning Carmi. Hope you're well!

Girl said...

First three words - candy, dew and hot air balloons.

Don't ask me why :)

I like this image because the little round tips look like they're almost protruding off the screen. I think a macro of the edges of one or two of these would have been really mind blowing.

I think images like these are memorable because they force you to think about things you'd normally leave at the back of your mind.

I'm not here via Michelle, Boy told me to check you out ;)

Azgreeneyes said...

I don't have 3 wrods, but I just thought, wow, clear lollipops! I guess that was three words!

Here from Michele's this go round.

Debbie said...


Memorable moments ~ You tend to think of the time and place where they were discovered.

Hey, Thanks for stopping by my blog, I totally love all the pictures here and your stories.

Linda said...

lollypops, raindrops and bubbles...

LOVE this pictures. you have a way of taking the ordinary and making it exraordinary...a way of taking the mundane and making us say "hmmmmm...."

Brony said...

Lovely image.
Drinks, Bubbles, Magic

Michele says hi!

sol said...

Cool.. as in to the touch though it's a 'cool' picture too.


Thoughtful... can't explain that.

An image like this becomes memorable because you've found interest or beauty in one of those things we all take for granted. We don't notice them until someome shares it with us.

Michele sent me too..

sage said...

Like the picture, the shapes and the transparancy, three words: Shape, Light, Transparent. here from Michele's

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Nichele just sent me now, Carmi...
The first thought was still Ballons...the way it first appears onmy screen, you can just see the tops of these...(Just noticed the ;itt;e drop(s) of water...
I LOVE these!

colleen said...

Pop goes the.... They look like they're filled with water and they could pop! michele sent me over.

srp said...

First three words? The 60's, The Rat Pack, The Godfather. Strange, right?
I love the look of glass in photos. It makes me see things like small imperfections or bubbles that I wouldn't notice in the object simply for lack of observation. A photo always makes you slow down, take time and study the scene. Perhaps we might find a rose to smell as well?

Joan said...




There! I said it! I looked at other people's comments and thought that clearly (no pun intended) I don't have any lofty thoughts at the moment! LOL!

Library Lady said...

1.) "Eerie" like that little baby's head in Another Day in the Frontal Lobe.
2.) "Funny" comic strip bubbles
3.) "Thirsty" gin and tonic

:-) Maggie

moon said...

Glass bubbles COOL
and..Yay, are we having neat drinks with swizzle sticks?

Anonymous said...

Cool. bubbles. retro.

I must say that, as much as I liked this picture, I would have loved to see it without the top edge of the glass so that it would be more of a guess as to what it is.

I love the way your photos make me think!

Oh, and Michele says helloooo from vacation land. :-)

Poppycock said...


lovely to look at, but careful not to touch. you wished they were edible but they're not quite. they look like retro alien mementoes. or something.

i love your site, and thanks for dropping by mine as well.

Leanne said...

first three words that's an easy one..


Understated simplicity as always Carmi!

David said...

people crowed on a bus

margalit said...

Stirred, not shaken!

Mmmm, a pomagranite martini would be nice right about now.

Star said...

I love b&w photography. Although i can almost see these in colors!They would be transparent pinks and blues.

utenzi said...

"Balls in Air"

If I could use four words, Carmi, I'd add in "juggling". I saw some swizzle sticks like that in Wal-mart the other day. They were brightly colored and on clearance. Summer picnic stuff, I guess. Pretty tho.

Michele sent me by to see your.... swizzle sticks.

AverageMom said...

This might be one of my favourites of your shots. I'd put this on a wall, it just relaxes me to look at it. No idea why, but I love it.

Maverick said...

Simplicity, bubbles, silence.

I majored in Black & White photography in College before dropping out to pursue other interests. B&W always gives photos its own magic, maybe because we live our life in color, and our dreams without it.

Love the photo.

Brenda said...

highballs, bubbles & lollipops?

Grins said... Not sure why though.

Yoga Korunta said...

they look like water droplets floating in the air.

very cool!

Killired said...

first thoughts... "he's done it again"... you and your simple pictures... they're just the most elegant and remarkable ones..... i love it... evokes a sense of peace... not sure why but it just does!