Thursday, April 03, 2008

Keeping warm any way they can

Seeking shelter
London, ON, March 2008 [Click to enlarge]

Here's another perspective from my little trip to the riverbank last weekend (see here for another watery view from that same shoot.) I felt a little sad for the birds because it was a cold day and they had nowhere else to go. I know that's a silly way of thinking, because they're birds, and they spend their entire lives outside, often in weather even worse than this. But I've got an illogical soft spot that rears its fuzzy head on days like this.

Despite this apparent disconnect - I blame the fact that by the time I shot this, I had already walked through a thicket of branches that had covered my trench coat with sticky burrs - I convinced myself that the branch-covered cove where these birds were congregating offered them some shelter from the elements.

If only it could be that simple.

Your turn: Where do you seek cover when life gets a little too rough?

One more thing: Today is the 35th anniversary of the first-ever cell phone call. I was interviewed by Vito Pilieci of the Ottawa Citizen. Here's the resulting article: How the cellphone has changed our lives, 35 years later. Here's what I said:
But not all of the change has been welcome.

"It's an example of mankind's ability to introduce new technologies, but completely miss the boat when it comes to understanding the implications of those technologies," said Carmi Levy, senior vice-president of strategic consulting at Toronto's AR Communications. "In the past, you had to get someone live on the phone who was sitting at his or her desk in a certain location. They were literally tied to their location. Today, that limitation is gone.

"It doesn't matter if you are on your way to pick up the kids from school or sitting in an airport. The work continues to happen."


bhd said...

When life gets too rough, I don't do what I absolutely should do: enlist the help of my friends.

I don't know it this holds true for you other North Americanos, but here? To ask for help is weakness. I know now that it's patently false, but it's still hard. That whole pioneering, need-no-one spirit. Bah!

We are not meant to be alone. We are at our best when we lean on one another and share trust and faith.

carli said...

Good quote. So true. Came home today to a work e-mail even though I'm on vacation and didn't want to be bothered at all.

Where do I go to get away? Lately, it's been the woods. Yesterday, hiking. The day before that, the North Woods of Central Park, where you can literally look around and not see any buildings. Tomorrow, if I get up early enough, birdwatching instructional in upper Manhattan.

Claire said...

I love this photo, I need to find somewhere like this to seek solace when I'm feeling the moment it's my bed with my iPod firmly attached to my ears!

35 years since the first cell phone!

Heidi said...

When life really gets tough, I call my mom. I am 40 years old and I am still her baby... she's a great listener. I am so fortunate for that.

rosemary said...

I used to read I mostly read books.

Dana said...

I love that picture you took, it's really great!!

When things get tough I love to go for a rid in the car.. I usually head out by the water somewhere since I only live a couple of minutes from the beach.. It is just so relaxing to me to be by the water and to think about things...

I can't believe it's been 35 years since the 1st cell phone~ so crazy!!!

kenju said...

When the going gets rough, I take to my bed.....LOL...or maybe my recliner (with a comforter and hot coffee and maybe popcorn). Sometimes beer - or wine - and a crossword puzzle or a good book.

Michele sent me to say hi, Carmi!

PI said...

Looks like your snow has gone . We expect it tomorrow. Thanks:)
When all else fails I return to the womb - or the nearest thing to it; a hot fragrant bath. Usually works.
Michele sent her best.

Roland said...

Where do I go to get away? Well from work, home, from home as it's a shared space, back to work!
Michele sent me to consider those cold birds, made colder by considering how much further north you are than I am.

Anna said...

Thanks Carmi for the nice comment today on my blog. I posted what the image is of if you want to see...

I think you will be surprised...pleasantly surprised!

she said...

I don't think it's where I go that's important. It's probably what I do. When life gets too rough I cuccoon. With books. And my hubby and pets to talk to.

Or, in the case of this week. I find a hotel to check into and surf blogs for a few hours to calm down and try to start bringing things back into perspective.

barbie2be said...

carmi, i have my cell phone on 24/7 even at work. i turn it to vibrate but it's always on my desk.

michele sent me over today.