Saturday, April 26, 2008

Return to the playground

Little boy grows up
London, ON, April 2008
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Abut five years ago, we took our kids to the neighborhood playground. Our youngest son, two years-old at the time, was initially afraid to follow his older brother and sister onto the climbing structures. I wrote about the experience here.

The kids were off of school this week, so we once again found ourselves back at the playground. I had to bring my camera along because that's just what I do. As I quietly followed them through the sandy landscape, I took this picture of our now-seven-year-old, climbing the same set of steps and looking a lot bigger and more confident in the process.

Made me a little sad when I realized how quickly they're growing.

Your turn: Other signs that time moves in one direction include...?


the teach said...

Carmi, children growing up is probably the seminal experience that moves forward never backward. Aging skin is another... wrinkles never go away they just get deeper. :D

Kimmie said...

Hi Carmi,
I am visiting from Mary's blog.

I watched my children grow up and now they are on their own. My son is 29 and my daughter will be 24 in two months. It seems as if I blinked and they were grown. Enjoy every single moment as your children grow. Oh, how I miss them now. There are so many times I wish we could just go back and do it all over. The simple things like tucking them in and knowing they are tucked in safely under your roof at night gives such great comfort. Seeing their little sleepy faces in the morning and the big hugs and kisses that follow are priceless.
Thank You for sharing your little guy and the story with us.

BTW...I also believe in Random Acts Of Kindness. :-)

kenju said...

The teach is right, Carmi!!

Scarlet said...

The playground down the street includes a wooden play castle. I remember when my kids were younger shouting for me to help them up the castle stairs. Now they jump three steps at a time and climb over the walls forgetting I'm even there.

They grow up WAY too fast.

R. Sherman said...

A review of anything in bachelor's refrigerator.

Actually, kids are the best sign, and fortunately, it's a happy one.


Moi said...

:) was looking at the earlier image shot several years back and then this one.....sure time flies by!!! :)

MorahMommy said...

I can hardly believe how much our little munchkins have grown. When I was at the park with them earlier in the week, I also was brought back to when Noah was terrified to climb up the huge ladder/rope thingie!

He's fearless now and filled with such excitement!

Love sharing these moment with you!!