Friday, April 18, 2008

A necessary jolt of color

Paint by numbers. Or not.
London, ON, March 2008

As I sit here alone in our dimly lit kitchen, I find myself reflecting on a week that, by all accounts, was challenging. There wasn't one big thing in particular that raised the suckage level. Just a lot of little, niggling things that conspired to make things seem a little more sombre than usual.

Interestingly, as I look back at my photographic output over the past week, I notice that the majority of my work focused on monochrome or near-monochrome scenes. Much of my output dealt with images of fairly distressed corners of the planet. I'm satisfied that I somehow found something interesting in all of these places, but the process was nevertheless a bit heavier than I'm typically known for.

So I figured a slight shot of brightness tonight might break the mood a bit as we bid the week goodbye and head into the weekend. I captured this at the local art studio as our kids gave us the tour and showed us what they've been working on all semester. More on that front in the days to come. They inherited their artistry from my wife (thank goodness!)

Your turn: How do you put a difficult period behind you?

One more thing: I was on television yesterday, a live interview with BNN's Pat Bolland and Linda Sims. It was earnings week in the tech sector, with most major publicly traded firms announcing financial results from the last quarter. We covered eBay and IBM primarily, with a bit of a foray into Google & Co. Click here or the logo to see the video.


tommie said...

love the paint pots...we do 'art' more times a week than I even want to count. I should really take some shots of it.

as for Ebay....I used to sell the kids clothes and L's bows, not any more. The inital fees are way too high now for just the 'few times a month' seller.

Happy Friday!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I love that picture Carmi...And the little bit of color is hopeful, isn't it? I think I try to do things that will lift my spiriys when I am down or going through a rough period....(These past weeks have been that for me, actually...) And I find taking pictures of beautiful things---or, in fact--finding the beauty in unexpected places absolute;y lifts my mood and my spirits. In fact...I just posted some very very colorful things from my garden that you might really enjoy. If you have the time, do take a look...! There is nothing like the rich colors of nature....And Spring is such a very hopeful time with so much NEW life all around....!
I want to wish you and the family a Very Very Happy Passover Carmi....May it be filled with all good tbings...and lots of yummy food.

Sol said...

I should have clarified.. I swear I can cook potatoes.. in the oven and I need to stay awake to make sure they are actually ready to serve but my husband let me sleep and got ahead of me.

I hope next week is better for you too!

How do I put difficult periods behind me? I write about it. Sometimes by the time I'm done I find ways to make it better next time. Blogwise, other people might find something I didn't see. Often when I go back and read it I find something to laugh about.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Both colour and black and white are essential at different times.

Michele sent me.

kenju said...

One of the more difficult periods in my life started last August, when mr. kenju had a stroke. The only way you can get beyond it is to try and live your life as close to normal as possible. Keep on keeping on, as they say.

Bob-kat said...

That's a tough question to answer as I still haven't managed it properly myself. I just keep looking forward and know things will get better. As the old adage goes 'This too shall pass'.

That is a great colouful pic :) Michele sent me to admire it.

R. Sherman said...

Thanks for the color.

As for a period of difficult times, I try to find a few days for a road trip into the west. That usually does it to recharge my batteries and my soul.


Joy T. said...

Love the color and those paint pots bring back great memories of when my children were young and we would have 'craft' time. Your interview was great Carmi, I always learn something when I watch you. How do I put difficult periods behind me? I head to my safe place, which is home, and surround myself with those I love. I also write things down a lot and have found it really helps. Here's hoping the colors in your world get brighter :o)

Chris said...

Those colors caught me right away! I love colors but I think B&W or monochrome is essential at times. I recently came across this quote: "When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls." How true is that? Not just of people, but anything you photograph.
I'm trying to watch your video but it's not loading so I'll keep trying until I do! LOL. Have a great weekend!

Killired said...


I always love your black and white photos.. but this one is awesome!!! reminds me of teaching preschool days with paint everywhere!

Claire said...

The paint pots are a great picture, I tend to cook to pull me out of a miserable week...that or eat! Either way it revolves around food! Here from Michele's today, hope you're having a a great weekend!

craziequeen said...

It's so weird, seeing two of my regular blogpals, you and Michael, on the TV!
We don't get the TV programmes over here, so when you both post links, that is good!

I'm glad you liked the photo of Charlie - he usually hides at the first sign of a camera, but he was feeling sociable that evening...

Anyway, I came over to wish you and the family Mazeltov for tomorrow and the rest of Passover.


craziequeen said...

Hey Carmi, Michele sent me this time [grin]

hmm - How do I put bad things behind me?
I have so many issues, I don't so much put bad periods behind me as drag them along with me, enriching my life with sadness........

I'm a neurotic cynic - is that the best sort of cynic?

btw - red and yellow; very positive energy-giving colours!


Mary Beth said...

You captured my three favorite colors there - I love bright colors. When the chips are down, I like to cook (or bake) becuase I have very appreciative diners. If things are really bad, I rely heavily on a very close-knit family.

Awareness said...

Difficult periods with high suckage levels?

I turn to Julie Andrews and the song she sings in the Sound of Music as she walks towards the Von Trapp house for the first time!

Nah.......I just drink.

Really? I take Steve Martin's advice and try to play the banjo.

craziequeen said...

Hi Carmi - Michele again! :-)

Nothing like a blast of colour to brighten the day.

Wow, the weekend has flown by. Only two days at work this week, then it's off to Heathrow to catch Thursday's flight to Canada - not your bit, sadly, but to my god-daughter in BC! :-)


Michael Manning said...

Hi Carmi: I always look forward t your photos. To answer your question, I literally put distance behind the bad incident or bad dream by motoring off to a movie theater or a restaurant where I can interact with others.

Sandy said...

Love the picture. Oh, and that reminds me, don't undersell your own creative flair. You simply express it from the lens.

Getting over the challenging times? Well, first you've got to take them for what they are and push it all back into perspective. A wise woman once told me that the most beautiful quilts are made with both light and dark fabrics (or vibrant and muted fabrics together.) The contrast makes the colors stand out brighter. Life is the same way, she said. Those dark spots in life make the bright spots that much brighter. When I've had a rough time, I remember that wise quilting instructor.

Anna said...

Hi Carmi! I like the paints...inspiration is never far when it comes to photography!

Hope things are well in your house!

Susan said...

I love this photo.

My kids are my best resource for putting hard times behind me--not so much by what they do (although that often helps) but by the fact that I have to keep putting one foot in front of the other for their sake.

And I'm trying to learn to take time for things that are good for my soul when times are tough--writing, making things, taking pictures . . .

Chad Oneil Myers said...

I like that image, man.