Thursday, September 25, 2008

Every square is a family

Lives. Lived.
Somewhere over the U.S. midwest, July 2008
About this photo: We're sharing photos with angles as part of this week's Thematic Photographic theme. Have you posted yours yet? Ooh, you'll have so much fun if you do! Head over here to get started.
Flying across the continent gives you an amazing perspective on how vast and varied the planet can be. From desert-like mountain ranges to strange strakes in the snow, you don't really need to watch the in-flight movie. Just stare out the window and watch the show.

As I winged my way home from San Francisco this summer, I found myself searching for words as we flew over this endless carpet of rectangular farmland. I couldn't stop thinking about how each block was a family, and as tiny as they looked from way up here, each one contained untold stories that I could only begin to imagine.

Part of me wished I could be on the ground for a bit, just to hear one of those stories. I bet it would be more interesting than any in-flight movie.

Your turn: I'm enjoying the three-word game, so let's play it again, shall we? Please share the first three words that come to mind when you first see this photo.

One more thing: It's been a busy media week this week, and I'll post a full rundown of the more significant interviews that I've had published and aired this week. For now, I'd like to share two neat things:
  • I was interviewed by BNN's Michael Kane on his show, The Street, this morning to discuss Research In Motion's quarterly earnings report. We spoke about the BlackBerry device's prospects as the economy goes to hell in a handbasket. Click here to see me on TV. (Please don't be afraid.)
  • My weekly radio gig airs tomorrow (Friday) night on AM640 Toronto. I'll be chatting about tech with John Downs before we throw the lines open and answer listeners' questions. Click here at about 8:30 to listen to the live stream. (Update, Friday 12:14 p.m.: The show is being pre-empted by hockey tonight and next Friday. I've just been interviewed on RIM's results, and that interview should air shortly.)


Admin said...

First three words:


Because of the perspective, it doesn't look like what it IS...

Mojo said...

I'm with vesper. I did not get "aerial farmland shot" when I saw this the first time. But in my defense, it's very early. Besides, it's still a wicked cool shot.
I've got a couple of new angles of my own for Friday, along with a wish for friend. A happy one for a (welcome) change.

Leora said...

Three words:

I hope at some point I can do your photo themes. I've been reading them...

Lynda said...

Look at you all over the television being a professional expert. Nice to see and hear you!

CAM said...

Hard Hard Work...

These guys work very hard to scrape a living from the earth, and provide for all of us at the same time. Love this shot, thanks!

Adventure girl said...

I am having trouble with this assignment but here is this;)

I made up my own award! It is for "bein' sweet to a newbie". I am giving you one. You can pick it up here:

Share the love by passing it to people who were extra sweet to you in your very beginning days;)

I am going out tonight with my camera, maybe I will find some;)

Malinda777 said...

Holding ME to three words is hard:)

Dirt Roads

See...that was 4...told ya I couldn't do it :)

Mantha said...




Anonymous said...


wow, that's scary.
This looks just like my homeland, but the farmers use circular irrigation now.

I'm loving Thematic Photographic, Carmi!!!

Chica, Cienna, and Cali said...

my mid west

:) thats where i live right now and for some reason i can feel the connexion though it less than a year when we moved here.....