Sunday, November 13, 2011

In its dying moment

Washing ashore
Delray Beach, FL, January 2011
About this photo: Thematic. Drink Up. Here.
In fairness, this isn't water that you'd want to drink. Sure, we've all probably had the occasional involuntary swig of ocean water - usually after an unplanned encounter with a wave - but it isn't anything that should be consumed in anything approaching mass quantities.

Still, the visuals of glass-like waves washing onto an equally flat beach always make me a little thirsty. And feeling the water rush around my planted feet and pull the sand from underneath my toes is a little addictive. So I stand there for a while, slowly sinking into the soft, wet sand. It's a feeling that'll never grow old.

Your turn: What's your favorite spot on the planet? Why?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Besides the beach, I have to say Manoa Falls in Oahu,Hi. Its a rainforest in that area of Hi.. I love the humidity there, the smell of moisture laden tree trunks... so moist, it feels like leather...smooth and supple... I love the sounds in that rainforest.. the tall bamboo that click together when the winds knock thru them... what a sound- wooden xylophone... the forest is quiet, yet it isn't... you can hear nature at work as well as the boars snorking to their babies...

Dawn said...

Yoho National Park....just below the iceline...looking across at the next tops of mountains...feeling like I conquered the world but really knowing I am too tiny to even be of mention.
Beach is nice too;)

Calogero said...

Really a very nice photo :-).

mmp said...

so far....i think that my favourite spot in the planet is high above the fells in Cumbria.

No sound. No people. Just birds. Bleak. Quiet...until the sounds of spings of water bubbling up through the grass slowly reach my ears...and another...and another.

The springs start up here, trickling down, joining together into streams...and then rivers...until they fall into the Lune as it rushes alongside the M6.

But back up the fell, usually only the peewit keeps watch as the rives start...oh...and the odd sheep.