Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tea time in London

Hold on
London, ON, September 2011
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Some things are felt at a different level than everything else. Tea, for example, fits this bill, as it isn't enough to just drink it. It must be carefully prepared, steeped, hovered over, then held closely in your hands for a good long while. I'll drink it only after the mug has gently warmed my fingers and, if I'm hanging around like-minded folks, only after we've had a chance to chat about anything at all.

We've got these delightful glass mugs that for some inexplicable reason make the whole experience feel even more genteel than it already is. I can't explain why some mugs seem more special than others, and why such small details of the tea-drinking ritual can have such a powerful impact on how the whole thing feels.

But who am I to question any of this? It feels right and it hurts no one. So please don't mind if I wrap things up and head down to the kitchen once again. The day is beginning and our kettle awaits.

Your turn: Why are rituals so important?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Rituals have deeper meanings and its not just the pomp and circumstance of them.. they bring family together, memories come up... it also teaches children what and why the rituals are important not only to them but for the family... Rituals are history passed from generation to generation... Also forming new rituals are great too... When I got married and started having kids, I told my husband that the kids needed to spend Xmas at home... In the past his mother wanted us to be at their place Xmas Eve and Day... I was glad I spoke up.. The kids loved waking up on Xmas morning, enjoying a leisure day and not having to pile into the car to drive...

Karen S. said...

I don't know, maybe because they keep us grounded as to who we are and where we came from...mostly for me is now watching and hearing my own children rave about this family moment as being such a part of their lives....listening leads me to so many little moments that are just ours, and keeps us all strong, so much like bricks and mortar you know, drinking our way through our memories!

Little Nell said...

Who know why these rituals are so comforting. Coffee from my coffee machine has to be taken in a certain mug, whilst I have a diferent one for tea, and it just doesn’t taste the same in the ‘wrong’ mug.

Kalei's Best Friend said...

@Little Nell: I think they are comforting because they are familiar.:-)

JJ said...

I am jealous. Tea drinking in the UK is a special ritual. I have not been to London in six years, but your post transported me back. Thank you!