Saturday, January 22, 2005

Vacation images - wetland leaves

I'm often criticized for "wasting pictures" (their words, not mine.) I don't shoot the standard head shots of family or the usual postcard touristy images. I grab pictures of the weirdest elements that jump out at me and stick in my head. (Don't worry, I ignore the critics as I keep shooting. No sense caving in to the whims of those who settle for mediocrity and conventionalism. But I once again digress...)

While walking through the wetlands (see earlier post/duck picture for more details on this wondrous place) with our brood, I found myself staring at the leaves that seemed to float just above the surface of the water. No colorful flowers, no funny-looking animals. Just an almost-endless sea of green that seemed to pull me in (not literally, though...there was a gator nearby!)

I write this as a massive snowstorm pummels the region. Out my window, the snow is flying sideways as it slowly (OK, not-so-slowly) paints our world white. We're all spending a quiet weekend morning in the house, watching the cold world outside and enjoying our warm little world in here. A sea of green seems to hit the spot right about now.

Today's questions are decidedly temperature-related:
  • How do you stay warm when Old Wo/Man Winter closes in?
  • What does the word "warmth" mean to you? (Don't be literal here...stretch the definition a bit.)


Sharon said...

How do I stay warm....when all else fails (gloves, another sweater, fuzzy socks) then I take the hottest bath I can stand. It's the only thing that takes away the chill.

What does warmth mean to me? Figuratively, it means (for me) genuine thought and consideration for other people, kindness, and also (very important) humor. You can't laugh and feel cold at the same time. I just don't think it's possible.

Janet said...

Hey, I haven't been around in a few days. You've redecorated!

To answer your question, warmth to me means safety. Knowing someone cares about me. All the cliche things I suppose you'd expect from a chick. I'm lame that way.:(

Diane said...

How do I stay warm? Sweatpants, long sleeved t-shirt, socks, and a couple of quilts with a down comforter on top. I never want to leave my bed on cold mornings.

What does the word warmth mean to me? Feeling healthy - thinking sunshine comes to mind, and I can never feel sad on a sunny day, even when it's bone chilling cold.