Sunday, January 16, 2005

Vacation images - ducky

One fine afternoon, we took a drive north and ended up at a wetlands preserve that blew us away with its richness and diversity. Initially, we weren't sure if the kids would be keen to walk on a three-quarter-mile boardwalk through what is essentially a swamp, but they ended up bubbling about the experience more than we were - which says something.

We saw all sorts of animal and plant life during our stroll through the Wakodahatchee Wetlands, but my joy came from watching our little folks experience it. Here's another link.

This little fellow swam under the boardwalk, so I made sure the camera strap was securely wrapped around my wrist, then shot almost straight down. As I continue to review the pictures we took, I am amazed that no matter how much time has passed since then, merely looking at a given picture takes me right back to the very moment it was taken. I can even remember what it felt like as our daughter tried to (quietly) coax the duck to stay close so she could talk to her (she insisted it was a she.) I could easily spend a lot more time sitting under the gazebo just drinking in this most unique of environments.

I seem to be evolving a strange tradition where I ask questions whenever I post a picture. Since the last thing I want to do is threaten a tradition, here's my question:

What's the duck thinking?


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Hahaha...I'm glad I finished drinking my milk quite some time ago. Otherwise, I'd be shopping for a new keyboard right about now. As I used to tell my Mom when I was a munchkin, "You funny!" And I'd say it with a big smile, as I do now as well.