Monday, January 17, 2005

Pause for administrative notification

Although I tend to fiddle with the mechanics of the blog more than I should (really, just ask my wife), I typically don't write about it because I'd rather focus on the actual writing than on the technology that delivers it.

I'm breaking that tendency a touch with this post. I simply wanted to let y'all know that I have added a whack of stuff to my sidebar. Specifically, I've added a couple of sections that you may find useful:
  • Quoted: As part of my day job - Senior Research Analyst for the leading mid-size technology research firm - I am often asked to share my thoughts on the world of technology. It's almost spooky that I'm asked for my expert opinion. It's like giving the kid the keys to the Maserati. But drive I do. This is one of my favorite aspects of the job; I guess I love talking to smart people.
  • Commercial/Journalistic Blogs: I realized my list of linked-to blogs was becoming a bit unwieldy. So I split it up into Favorite Blogs (written by real people) and this category. These blogs are typically written by professionals, industry insiders, reps of major ISVs and other vendor types. Why these? Simple: because I read 'em and obtain value in the process.
  • Technology Columns/Columnists: As with the C/J Blogs, these are more traditional, columnar-format publishings from industry-leading writers. Similarly, these represent the core of my own must-read list.
I've also expanded the Favorite Blogs list because, frankly, my little world of known bloggers continues to expand. Cool!

I'll likely never finish tweaking, pulling, prodding and twisting the contents of my sidebar. Spend any time there and you'll get a good picture of where my gaze rests on the outside world. That should provide additional insight into what I will soon be writing in the main column - and elsewhere.

I figured this round of changes was significant enough to make mention of the process. Thanks for bearing with me - and for continuing to read, to comment, and to share your thoughts and encouragement. I appreciate every crossed electron that zings through my router.

But back to the important stuff: the process. Your turn: Who are you reading these days? Should any of these folks be in my sidebar? Why? Why not?


Vadergrrrl said...

Hey HOT-T! happy late new year to you.


vegemiterules said...

G'day Carmi, I invite you to go visit, it will engage, enlighten, warm your heart, and you will all be the better for having meet this truly inspiring youg man. It is the journal of a courageous (6) six year old boy called "LOU". xoxo

Mellie Helen said...

Hey, how come you don't have me listed under the "Technology Columns" section? *snort! chortle!*There are soooo many wonderful blogs out there. How great that most bloggers share their finds with each other. Do you see Time or Newsweek suggesting that you read their "competitors"? I think not. But that's the difference with the blogger's mindset: it's not about competition; it's about sharing and community. Or at least I like to believe that's the mindset!

You've reminded me that I am way overdue in updating my blogroll. Thanks for the nudge.

Steve said...


I like finding out what others are referencing too. is a great resource for this. It lists 200 most popular blogs each day (with the exception of porn blogs). Of course, what is popular is not always good, but I like to feel I have my fingers on the pulse.

I'm with Hellie Mellie...I need to update my blogroll, too.

zombieswan said...

FYI: Something I figured out with my blog when I first put out my sidebar was that sometimes, inexplicably, my sidebar would appear waaaaaaaaay down the page, allowing certain browsers & people to NOT ever see it unless they read a lot of blog. It shows as empty over where the sidebar is supposed to be. It has something to do with the width of your comments section vs. the margins. It also has something to do with how pictures (JPG) are posted. If they're a certain width, they bump the sidebar for some reason.

Anyway, the reason why I bring it up is that when I look at your blog in the regular mode with all the posts, your sidebar is way down the page, essentially missing. When I go to your comments page, it is there where it should be. It's probably your graphics width. And I can't remember exactly how I fixed it, but you should know that it's possible a certain amount of readers won't see your hard-worked-upon sidebar. :)

Anonymous said...

(vaza,blogspot - or, "Veda's Blog" in the sidebar here.) ;) (thanks, Carmi!)

Carmi, as with all the questions you probe us with, I like to answer as straight forward as I can. So, honestly, I think all the links on mine are great reads...why would I have them there otherwise? :) I'd like to say, "yea, this one in particular is great!" but it's like choosing between friends and I can't. I don't know how most bloggers do it, but when I zip through my own 'roll, I tend to start at the top, follow through to the bottom. Rather than listing them alpha/num, then picking through, best first and so on. They're all great.

That said, I think what you've done is fantastic with the catagories. Extremely organized for you, easily referenced for us. Double Zowie! :) Thanks for keepin' me around. ;)

Moogie said...

You should definitely visit Oh wait, you already have and I am listed under favorits. :) Seriously, let me go take a look. There are so many good ones on there (like on my blogroll..and if I listed them here I would have the world's longest comment). I have a few I've seen that are good...I'll let you know.

Lil Wytch said...

Seeing as your talking about the techie stuff - if you're looking for a blogroll to hold all your links and what not, try as long as whatever your linking to has an rss feed you can link it and then you don't have to update your html each time you find a new blog, plus you can view which blogs have fresh content.

PS I came here from Michele's I had to visit after the grand mal comment :lol:

Carmi said...

Thanks y'all for your site suggestions, tech suggestions, and offers of help with my little slipping sidebar problem (go Mozilla Firefox!)

I've got my work cut out for me this week as I try to fix it all up.

Lil Wytch: Thanks for popping in. I try to keep folks happy and returning...spread the word if you think anyone else would enjoy my sardonic sense of humor. As most of the girls with whom I went to high school would agree, I'm an acquired taste. But my wife gets me, and she's all that matters. Lucky me!

DeAnn said...

You should read Dooce, because she is the most-read blog on the Web for good reason. I also really love AB Chao.

There are a couple of scholarly blogs that I love, too. Bookslut's blog is fantastic, for example.