Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Vacation images - the beach, again

I'm sorry for continually posting beach pictures. But the place fascinates me for a whole raft of reasons. I thought about being there all the way down from London, I loved being there, and as I watch the temperature bottom out again on the way to another wind chill warning, I find myself once again thinking about it. My only regret about living in landlocked London is I don't make it to the shore more often to just stare out and contemplate the meaning of life.


riye said...

When I'm by the sea, I get the same feeling as when I'm in the desert. We are really, at the end of the day, just ants.

Jef said...

I like the fact that this photograph almost looks like a painting. Just looking at it lifted me out of my dark mood that has been lingering lately.

vegemiterules said...

G'day Carmi, I am so lucky,I live in a City that has the sea/ocean as a "backyard". This picture captures/reminds of the views that we get travelling the "Great Ocean Road" here in Victoria. Another great photo Carmi. Take care

MoMMY said...

Beautiful picture! I miss the ocean so much. Grew up an hour from the coast and spent tons of time growing up at the beach in summers. Now I get there once or twice a summer. Simply not enough. Thanks for the picture!

A Woman Changed said...

The lighting on this is wonderful, Carmi. When I first saw it, I felt my insides bunch-up...I wanted to be there. I always enjoy enlarging your photos to see the added details. In this case, it's the third bird flying low in the surf. Nice job!

iurodivii said...

the more the ocean rises and falls
the more of the world it takes away;
the more the stars glimmer our names
the more we listen the more we can say

Sharon said...

This is absolutely gorgeous, Carmi. Post as many beach pictures as you want; I won't complain!! I am completely landlocked in the dense vegetation of West Virginia, but I love the beach and always have.
Whenever I am at the beach I am overwhelmed in every sense by the concept of infinite depth and power, eternity and the cycles of life: that all we know and experience is either a shoring up or an ebbing away. There's a comfort in this; I can't explain it.
I also like it that as you stare out at the sea, the horizon blurs so that it can be difficult to see where the sea ends and the sky begins.
Such is the vision of all dreams, and it is good not to define it too much; only to see it and know that all things are possible, all things, when one dares to hope ...and dream.
Sorry, I'm rambling, but just seeing the picture set me off on a tangent.... :)