Monday, January 03, 2005

The balance of color

It's such a gray time of year - both visually and psychologically - that I find myself deliberately looking for anything that's richly-colored to jolt myself out of this seasonally-induced sea of sameness. I'm far from depressed, and I've never been diagnosed with SAD, but I can understand how long nights, short days, a dull landscape and non-stop cold can file the edges off of one's soul.

This picture injects jolts of color into the proceedings. It moves beyond color, though, to texture and temperature as well - all elements that make for a rich memory of a scene that lasted all of a few minutes in time.

Where do you find comfort during our calendar's doldrums? What brings you warmth and comfort?

And, oh yes, what, precisely, is this? (And will I stop using italics anytime soon?)


L said...

All I could think of was heap of cauliflower being lit by a flashlight... Pretty though. I'm blaming it on all these stupid asthma pills I have to take this week :)

John D Schultz said...

I'm not sure that I have even a remote guess on your photo; however, I do have some thoughts about what brings me warmth and comfort.

It is a calm, cold day in Minnesota today with the tempature hovering somewhere around zero degrees fahrenheit. That said, I experienced one of my favorite winter moments tonight. I was outside in my driveway at about 10:00 pm -- it was cold and windless. That's when it happened -- my favorite warmth and comfort of cold winters -- the sound of nothing for as far as you can hear.

I love that on cold, still nights sound seems to travel for ever. You can hear nothing but the cold, crunchy winter around you! It is one of my favorite warmths about winter!


A Woman Changed said...

It looks sort of like popcorn, but I can't imagine why it's so bright underneath. Hmph.

My cats bring me warmth and comfort - winter is the one time of the year that they intentionally seek us out. I am also partial to grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup on frosty days.

Anonymous said...


I'm goin' with the coals of a grill, burning out. How you'd get so doggone close is well beyond me! Definitely see the smoke and the orangey light makes it easy to take as flame. I was initially stuck on popcorn as well though!

If someone's right, will you tell right away? ;)

Things that bring me out of the winter-yucks? We've an indoor botanical gardens nearby and it typically does the trick. We usually go every Jan/Feb or so. (yep, we're due!)

Carmi said...

Getting warmer...

(Yes, if someone gets it right, I'll confirm it as soon as possible.)

reddirtroad said...

Uh... burning Popcorn?? That's my best ventured guess.

Anonymous said...


"warmer"--haha! :)

Okay, I was gonna say fireplace or something, but what's with the little "cups" beneath? Fondu thingy? Smore's cooker? Now ya got me determined!