Sunday, January 23, 2005

Top of the pop (cans)

I have no idea why I:
  • Took this picture
  • Posted it here
Yet this unconventional image of the mundane speaks to my unconventional view of the world. I'm sorry I didn't also get pictures of the people who watched me point the camera straight down. I think they thought I was losing it. Maybe they're not all that far off.

What other incredibly mundane scenes should be captured on my wandering SD card? Ask, and ye may have it appear here in the weeks to come.


riye said...

beautiful shot! sometimes it's the mundane pics that are most interesting and open to interpretation.

Anonymous said...

From the perspective of some it maybe mundane and probably pointless, but I liked it. ('',)


Ms Mac said...

I like your picture. I go around taking pictures of odd things too. Not because I think I can change the world with my imagery, usually just because I have a camera in my hand at that time.

Thanks for dropping by and encouraging me to take on Simon Cowell but believe me, even selective editing couldn't make me any worse a singer than I already am!

vegemiterules said...

Hi Carmi, I did just try to post a comment but I lost it somewhere in "cyber" space, so if it comes back, sorry about the two similiar comments.
Love the photo, (just have to pre-empt here, I swear that I am only drinking coffee at the moment, it is 7.24pm, I am waiting for dinner to be cooked).
Can you guys see what I see, 2nd row, 4 cans, 2nd can from left, do you see it, I do, you can see a little man, he has on a black mask, seems like he has light coloured hair, big nose, appears to be smiling, with his hands folded in front of him at his waist.
Do I need to be committed?

Moogie said...

Love this picture! Um, veggie...I'm at my desk at work, and it's 6:30, only one cup of coffee in me...and I see the man too. Perhaps we should both be comitted.

One of the things I love to do is give my camera to the girls (me walking behind them all the way mind you) and let them take a series of pictures of whatever they want to. It's fun to get their take on things. (I love digital cameras)

Jamie said...

I once took a macro of an old spoon of my granma's. She never could explain the brand name. It was Playboy.

"where'd ya get it gramma?"

Dean said...

This puts me in mind of one I took a couple of years ago. Let me see if I can find it and post it.

I love taking my camera and hunting for such views of the mundane. It's something I haven't done for a while.

Rebecca said...

Cool picture, except now all I can do is study the cans trying to figure out what kind of soda it is. Diet something or other?