Thursday, January 06, 2005

Vacation images - reflecting on a trip

Have you ever taken zillions of pictures in the hope that just one of them will be worth saving? Over the years, I've evolved an overshoot-based philosophy toward photography. I figured all I was wasting was film and time - not such a big deal (my father, who doesn't quite understand my photographic or literary motivations, would vocally disagree with my logic, but he's welcome to set up his own blog if he wishes.)

Over time, I got better at the photography thing - I've done a few weddings along the way, but much prefer to capture all the subtle nuances of my family - and my hit rate increased substantially. We got our first digital camera this summer, so my trigger-happy shutter finger has become even more trigger-happy.

Which leads us to our just-completed Florida vacation. We took around 600 pictures. Before you ask, no, I will not be posting them all here. But I felt some strategic posting of some of the more notable scenes would help tell the story of a momentous couple of weeks in our and our kids' lives.

I hope you enjoy the photographic ride.

Oh yes, about this picture: it simply says "road trip" to me, and brings me right back to the drive every time I look at it. I'm not sure what it is about the mirror that fascinates me as a photographic tool, but I've been experimenting with reflective surfaces since I brought my first SLR home as a kid some 20 years ago.


Anonymous said...


Great perspective shot!

Carmi said...

Thanks. It's amazing how the absence of film makes it such a non-decision to take pictures like this. It's such a liberating feeling.