Monday, January 10, 2005

The photographic plant

I thought I'd get back to non-vacation pictures for a very brief bit. A visitor to the site who kindly took the time to leave a comment a few weeks back said plants would be neat. So here's an interesting example. At least I hope you think it's interesting.

I'm pretty sure this was from an African Violet plant. As always, I succeeded in killing the flowers through my sheer inability to maintain plant life much beyond the time it takes to get it home from the store.

Yet the leaves seemed so cool. So I set up a long exposure and managed to grab this one before the inevitable wave of crinkly brown overtook the remaining green.

I once again leave you with more questions than answers:
  1. What's the first thought that creeps into your head when you see this?
  2. Quickly think of the first thing that you will photograph the next time you pick up a camera (it could be anything...go nuts!)
  3. Will you let me (and everyone who reads this blog) know when you post the results from Question 2 to your own blog?


sxKitten said...

First thought: Yup, it's an African Violet
Second thought: Hmm, when did I last water mine?

First thing I'm going to photograph: probably not the dessicated plant. Most likely the kids in the snow (snow being a comparitive rarity here in Lotusland).

Will I let you know when I post it? If I get around to figuring out how to post pictures. In other words, don't hold your breath :-)

MoMMY said...

First, I think he's right as I photographed an African Violet yesterday. (Not mine, I killed that one a long time ago. My mom's.)

Second, I have no idea but it is snowing again.

Third, on my photoblog on January 14th. (I'm a bit behind on my photos)

Kate said...

First thought - those leaves remind me of mittens.

First thing I'll photograph - something at school.

I'll let you know.

I also am a bane to plant life. I'm not even a black thumb. They die slowly, linger in light green and yellow for a while and finally succumb. I need to stop torturing greenery.

riye said...

not sure how i came across here but i really like your blog!

1. kids waving hello
2. signage of some sort
3. shirley

will be back.

sxKitten said...

OK, Carmi, you inspired me to figure out this whole photo-in-a-blog deal. This wasn't the first thing I photographed when I picked up my camera this morning, but it's the first that turned out.

Here you go ...