Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The deal with resolutions

As a rule, I don't believe in New Year's resolutions. The thought of making a bunch of unrealistic promises to yourself at an arbitrary point on the calendar, then forgetting about them soon after, then repeating the entire process a year from now, has always struck me as a few ticks beyond ridiculous.

Still, the desire to improve ourselves should not be overlooked. It's what sets us apart from other species, and it's what gives us hope for the future. So in the spirit of tikkun olam - Hebrew for, literally, fixing our world - I present my short list of resolutions:
  • I will listen more than I speak.
  • I will do everything in my power to make others smile.
  • I will hug everyone in my family as often as they'll let me.
  • I will stare into my wife's eyes and take the sight of her in - again, as often as she will let me.
  • I will spend more time with (and thinking about) people who matter and less time with (and thinking about) those who do not.
  • I will use my writing to help others.
  • I will repeat these resolutions to myself at least once a day for the next year. I believe in resolutions, after all; not New Year's resolutions.
What will you do to fix the world around you?


Jef said...

Spooky! I was planning to write this same post this evening with some of the same resolutions.

I will listen more.

When I speak, I will have something to say. I will not talk just to hear the sound of my own voice.

I will no longer limit myself by how I might look or what people will think of me... unless it involves doing the "Chicken Dance."

I will finally make candles and soap this year.

I will choose to spend my time and energy with people who respect and appreciate me. I will no share myself with others who are unable to appreciate me and what I bring to any type of relationship.

I will finally write and publish my own book so I can share with others what I have learned that has helped me live a more peaceful, joyful and rewarding life.

I will finally learn all the lyrics to Kylie Minogue's "Light Years" CD.

I will take more pictures of what I find interesting.

I will write more about the things that matter to me because if I find they are important, most likely others will to.

I will exercise and eath healthy daily to show how much I love and appreciate the wonder that is my body. If I should stray away from the path, I will find my way back and encourage myself to continue moving forward instead of beating myself up over what has already been done.

I will hold all choclate as being special. I will consume it in moderation and only enjoy the really good stuff instead of just every day stuff I can find anywhere. I will do this because I'm worth it.

I will do nice things for others without letting them know.

I will read one classic piece of literature per month... because I want to be well read for my own sake.

Nick said...

I will continue to be a whore.