Saturday, January 08, 2005

Vacation images - towel on a lounge

Wherever I am, I'm always subconsciously looking for things that interest me. While swimming with the kids, I took a fancy to the yellow-webbed lounge chairs arrayed haphazardly around the deck. In and of themselves, they weren't that compelling. I took an unadorned picture of a few of them, and got the scrunched brow response from my wife.

But when one of our towels was draped over the back, the whole color-line-geometry impression was too good to ignore. I love how this picture makes me feel, and how it takes me right back to the pool, with our kids' voices playing in my head.


Joan said...

I am so diggin' this picture! I love the bright, primary colors! I can definitely see why it makes you smile. :-)

Diva said...

Thank you for sharing all your pitcures and stories of you and your lovely family. I plan to travel to Florida later this month, and reading your stories and seeing your pictures is helping me to "pre-thaw" myself!

Mellie Helen said...

Neat snap! So simple, and yet so cheerful and full of sunshine. I love it!

Carmi said...

Thanks to you all for your bright and sunny comments.

Joan: bright colors have always made me happy. Color has more impact on our mood than we care to admit.

Diva Drip: I'm glad I could help! I can't wait to see your pictures from your trip. You have such a unique view of the world!

Mellie Helen: Simple compositions always seem to have the most punch. I don't know why this is the case, but big and bold kind of sticks in the head better.