Thursday, January 06, 2005

Vacation images - a society's priorities

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a keen observer of the little things that most people miss. Just after we got into Florida, our little guy announced - for the zillionth time since we had left home - that he had to pee. Since four-year-olds haven't yet evolved the holding-it-in gene, an immediate lane change to the right was initiated, followed by a rapid search for the nearest exit.

We ended up at a BP station which gave us our first taste of Florida weather. Wind warnings had blanketed the state that day, and the rush of air through the abundant palm trees in this hillside location served almost as nature's welcome to the state. It was almost too pretty a scene for a gas station.

Then I read the sign more closely. The fact that cigarette carton prices figured so prominently struck me as absurd. I'm not so much a non-smoker as an anti-smoker. I've written about the hypocrisy of the tobacco-driven economy in the past, and the sign's message just begged me to take out the camera and shoot it. Which I did. Judge - or don't judge - as you wish.


Mark said...

Great sky! Was it really that intense shade of blue?!

I was glad to read that you and the family had a good vacation, Carmi. All the best for 2005!

Carmi said...

It was indeed just that blue. I'm not a fan of retouching pictures unless there's something massively wrong with it. Even then, doctored photos just don't have the same impact as ones that just happened on their own.

The richness of this place - that it was a gas station added to the irony - compelled me to take my camera out. I can still feel the warm breeze and see the rolling landscape spreading out below. It was magical.