Thursday, September 13, 2007

Another birthday in the Levy household

Shh...don't tell anyone, but it's my wife's birthday today. She always says our daughter, who celebrated her birthday yesterday (see here for more) was the best day-early birthday present she ever had.

Am I going to out her true age as she outed mine last May? Nah. I'm not a age-by-numbers person. But I am selfish: I want many more milestones to share with her. She's the kind of wife and mother who makes you wish we were all immortal.

Your turn: Please drop by her blog (click here) and share a birthday wish with her. After the wild week we've had, I'm sure she'll be tickled.


keda said...

wow! tough week, and a bit of a 'soccer' punch! :(
i hope zach is doing ok... i'm sure he's lording it over everyone just fine by now!
i remember when yashi fell of a horse when she was 3 and fractured her arm, it was a horrible, panic riddled experience. (made worse by the fact that i at first thought her elbow had just become dislocated and did what i'd been told to and done tens of times before and kept trying to twist it back into place! poor bunny.
but two hospitals later it was plastered and she had a whale of a time showing it off for the next few weeks. although bathing was a bit of a struggle ;)

anyway i hope all is healing well, and i do wish very happy birthdays to dahlia, and morahmommy :)

Beverly said...

You've had quite a week, haven't you. Happy birthday to all, and fast healing to your son. Wow!

utenzi said...

I scooted over and wished them both a happy birthday, Carmi. I hope there's plenty of joyful celebrating in the Levy household!

Anonymous said...

Wow- what a busy week. Happy birthday to your wife & daughter & a speedy recovery to your son.
Michele sent me today

craziequeen said...

I didn't say anything to you earlier, but I went to see Deb and wished her and Dahlia belated happy birthdays :-)

I liked your wife so much I blogrolled her - my second married couple on my blogroll...

Michele sent me to see you, honey.
Btw - I made my decision. It's going to involve LOTS of sewing


Judy said...

Hi, Carmi.. visiting from Michele's and what a sweet thing for you to do. I'm hopping over to your DW's blog now to tell her happy birthday and I hope y'all have an eternity more together :-)

Mike Davis said...

hi Carmi - Coincidentally, it was my Wife's birthday on the 13th too!
(and my brother's).

Happy birthday!

Here from Michele

Michael K. Althouse said...

I understand there has been some excitement in the Levy household of late. Birthdays and broken legs... the stuff of memories.

get well soon, happy birthday and happy birthday. I think that's the correct order.

Michele sent me,


Sara said...

How cool that it is her birthday! I'll swing over there right now and wish her a great day...

You have a nice day too

BreadBox said...

Wow! The two of you have been together for *how* long? That really is fantastic! Happy birthday to her, and a belated one to you, since I didn't know you when *you* turned lordy-lordy....


gautami tripathy said...

I missed this. No wonder Michele sent me to remedy that.

Hope she had a great birthday. May you both have lot many years together.

Wishing her a Belated Happy Birthday.

BreadBox said...

I'm disappointed there are no photos of the grownup birthday party this week -- surely you didn't let a little injury get in the way of a 40th birthday???
Michele sent me, mainly to say that
I think you should surprise her with a 40th unbirthday party soon:-)