Monday, September 17, 2007

Color, light and mood

That green liquid glow
Thornhill, Ontario, August 2007 [Click to embiggen]

We've seeing a lot of green for the past week thanks to our son's big green cast and the general feeling of green that's descended over me and my wife as we try to keep things balanced around here.

We're getting ready for his return to school tomorrow. We've met with his principal and homeroom teacher, and detailed plans are in place for his first day back. It'll be a dicey few days as we try to transition him back to a somewhat more normal routine. We'll manage.

I thought a somewhat brighter view from a warm summer day with beloved family would help offset the mood a little.

Your turn: Color's impact on mood. Please discuss.

One more thing: Two news items crossing my screen tonight are making me think. First, a plane crashes in Thailand, killing 88 people. Then comes news that OJ Simpson has been arrested for robbery and assault. Google News lists over 3,700 links to the OJ story, and barely 1,700 for the plane crash one. Then I flip on the nightly news and, sure enough, they lead with OJ and follow with the plane crash. Why do I get the feeling that the news media's sense of priorities is horribly inverted?


Pirate Princess said...

Color effects me very much. I have started using it around the house and I've noticed a difference. Greens for serenity, light blue for cheerfulness (think of a sunny blue sky), yellow for happiness, orange for creativity, black is power, and red - well, you know. ;)

The picture of Zach is precious. I'm just not witty enough for a caption.

And yes, the media's priorities ARE messed up - but I won't get on my soapbox. ;)

BreadBox said...

Carmi, the reason that the media's priorities seem fscked up is that they are.
In the case of OJ, it is clear that everyone believes that he was unfairly acquitted, and as such he is more than fair game --- it would be far more fitting, of course, to consign him to the dustbin of ex-history than to continue to remember him, and hence, in a manner, celebrate him.

Oh, by the way, I have tagged you.
Should you have a moment in your (cough) copious free time (cough) to think about books.


Nestor Family said...

Funny how this color green will always remind you of Zach's cast now!

Anonymous said...

Carmi, this picture is brilliant...but then, I love that glass-green color - my DESK is that glass-green color, it reminds me of sea glass, picked up from the beach. Blue is rarest, of course, but green is becoming more scarce with so many things now bottled in plastic.

Btw, I'm posting my first ever author interview at Bibliotica sometime tomorrow.

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

Our news has been a little more priorised over the past few days. Our main news items have been the Thailand plane crash, the death of former World Rally champion Colin McRae and his son in a helicopter crash, and the McCann family & missing Madeline (an every day news item since May). It's always bad news, isn't it?

Leesa said...

Oh I know.. I was so irked by all the Paris Hilton jail news and how it was "breaking" news and actually interrupted other news!

Crazy :)

Bernie said...

News, news, news... OJ is even 'Breaking News' here in Australia!!

But, to the colour green, it is a calming colour I think. But in my latest post at bernies fotoblog, I think I prefer the natural colours...

burntofferings and more at bernies fotoblog

kenju said...

You get that feeling because it is true. I would not spend one minute reading about OJ. He is not worth my time.

Color has everything to do with mood. Green is restful and signifies growth and life. It's my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Carmi your thoughts on the new medias priorities is spot on...don't get me started my friend - there isn't a soap box big enough.

Your pic is realy neat by the way!

Things will settle once your son is back at school and you and momma are both comfortable that he's going to be ok. Hang in there.