Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Glassy nautical view
Laval, Quebec, August 2007

I don't tend to look at the same things as most other people. That likely explains why I'm always bumping into things. It also likely explains why I take pictures that don't seem to make much sense.

I grabbed this one while walking by myself near my parents' and in-laws' building (did I tell you that they all now live in the same building? Such fun! At least we save on driving back and forth when we visit. But I digress.) I was rather enjoying being temporarily alone, and looked for scenes that would tell the story of what it felt like to be surrounded by quiet.

I thought this reflective perspective taken from the riverside dock might do the trick.

Your turn: How do you find quiet? Why does this matter to you?


Nestor Family said...

Quiet to me gives me a minute to remember why the noisiness is important and special and precious (I am referring to my boys ;-)

I find quiet now when they are at school and all I can hear is my cat landing from a jump... I can actually hear the clock ticking... and I hear my brain putting things back together to get ready to go again.

Nestor Family said...

P.S. I really love this photo, Carmi.

Tabor said...

After reading through you recent posts I can see why you need some quiet time! I am of an age where quiet time is easy to come by.

craziequeen said...

My garden late in the evening. The cows low in the nearby fields and I hear murmurs of music and TV from the neighbours.

Or my bed, just before lights out. I curl up with a book for about 30 mins, no TV, no computer, no distractions - just me and my book (and usually one or more kitty cat!).

Mr Levy? I am pleased to tell you that you and Mrs Levy have won an award!


Anonymous said...

Stopping by to check up on your son. Hope he's feeling better! Now, as far as quiet goes... er... I live in NY. Sometimes the combination of all the noise put together turns into white noise and cancels everything out! Seriously, this is why I'm starting up with yoga again. Seems I need to find some peace and quiet after all.

CG said...

I am not good with quiet. Right now, it makes me anxious. I guess I'm not comfortable alone with my thoughts!

Unknown said...

Carmi: In the car many times while driving I will turn off the radio and say aloud, "You know, sometimes it's just great to travel in silence". By the way, I am amazed how much battery power my Canon requires. Two batteries in one month and that was after carefully turning it off when not capturing a photo! Have a good weekend, Carmi!

Lori said...

I love the quiet...and I need it, always have. I used to go up to my room as a child and teenager (even though it was a shared room) to be alone with my thoughts. (I have five siblings so there was always a lot going on in our house).

The best way for me to find it these days is to go for a walk, though at times I simply go out and sit in the car so I can be alone. It is during these times that I find my strength and can resolve issues in my mind and heart and come back to the world to fight the good fight. I think people are often uncomfortable with being alone because they don't want to have time to think, or don't understand the difference between being lonely and being alone (I have a post on that, too!).

awareness said...

Great mesmerizing photo.....

Quiet.....I can tune out and find the stillness in me wherever I may be. If I havent had a chance to do this, then I try to find this place of quiet by going for a walk, or waking up early and sitting in my livingroom with a hot cup of tea watching the sunrise over the Saint John River.
Like you, I live in a busy kid friendly, dog friendly house. It's chaotic at times, but I find that we all need the quiet at times. My kids seem to crave it as much as my husband and I after they've spent a day at school.

Quiet knowing all is well on the homefront is the most calming feeling I know.