Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crack the sky

God's watching
I-75, Somewhere in Kentucky
December 2008 [Click to enlarge]

Tom Cochrane (Wiki, bio) is a Canadian musician who's been on my iPod - or Walkman, or whatever I bolted to my ears way back when - ever since I started expressing a preference in tunes. He's an Officer of the Order of Canada - one of our country's highest honors - largely because he not only defined the direction of Canadian music for an entire generation of singer-songwriters, but because he's always been so focused on giving back, building community, ensuring there's opportunity for others who follow.

One of his tunes, Crack the Sky (Breakaway) - from the utterly brilliant album, Neruda - popped into my head as we sped down the interstate on our way to a warmer, happier place. This always happens to me when the sun's rays poke down through the clouds, seemingly painting the sky in the process. Fractured as this world can be at times, it's just as capable of creating a wow moment when you least expect it.

Your turn: Got a favorite song from your past that shares itself with you from time to time? Why does music tend to revisit us in this manner?

About this photo:
First, it supports this week's, Thematic Photographic theme, Up. Please click here if you'd like to participate. Second, I took this pic at about 110 km/h (no worries, my wife was driving at the time!) Shooting from a speeding car is usually a recipe for photographic disaster. But with a little underexposure on the foreground, I was able to throw the landscape into silhouette and manage a shutter speed high enough to freeze the detail. Sometimes, you just get lucky.


Mojo said...

I saw Tom Cochrane open for Bad Co. many years ago. This was in his post-Red Rider period and his intro to "Lunatic Fringe" was hysterical. Apparently somebody told him he "should do more Pink Floyd Covers" and then when informed that Red Rider had done "Lunatic Fringe" quickly responded, "Oh. Well then, you should do more Red Rider covers."

I howled.

Anonymous said...

My Grandpa was a HUGE Frank Sinatra fan, which lead me to be the same. His song that I love the MOST is "Young At Heart." When I hear it I tear up and smile and can imagine Frank singing it to my Grandpa in Heaven. :)

Cloudia said...

Carmi: The muses must like you. You get "lucky" often in both word & image. Aloha, boychick!
ps: Tom C rocks!!

Pamela said...

I understand the sentiment. I often start humming a song when I see a photo that brings one to mind.

when I was younger - sometimes one of my sisters would start singing at the very same time - same song - same key. It was uncanncy.

Unknown said...

That is one very fine photograph. Then again, all of your photos are wonderful.

Light and Voices said...

You went how fast in a car and got that shot? Wonderful job, Carmi.

Unknown said...


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