Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Moron Files - Baby narc

I've always been a fan of the kicker. In newsroom circles, a kicker is a lighthearted story that makes folks smile and is usually dropped into the end of a newscast. Editors like to include 'em because if the newscast runs long, they can quickly drop the kicker from the lineup and not lose any significant stories. In this era of unending nasty headlines, a little snippet of happiness is always welcome.

Some kickers are heartwarming (baby's arrival reunites fractured family), heroic (baby saves parents from fiery mountaintop helicopter crash), thought-provoking (baby teaches dog to send a text message to the Pope) or just plain fun (baby goes paragliding with grandpa.)

But baby calling 911 and getting dad arrested for running a marijuana grow op in the house? That opens up a new category, moronic. If I see any more of these, I'll be sure to share 'em here under The Moron Files banner.

Your turn: Got a moron-laden tale to share? You can change the names to protect the guilty, if you wish. Or not. Your call.


Anonymous said...

check out the darwin awards . It chronicles Mankinds general stupidity.

I still like the Farside cartoon where God drops the jar of Humans and breaks it open freeing the humans inside.
God says "oops"

Pope Dave
( His Holiness the Wonder Worship)

Anonymous said...

I read the article and can't help myself at laughing. It was indeed moronic and the father was definitely unlucky.

Pamela said...

I heard recently a news item about a fellow who called the police when he was robbed -- of his "illegal drugs" Just proves what drugs do to peoples brains.

by the way: why are men who are criminals called gentlemen? This article used that term, and I have I heard it on newscasts. "A gentleman in his mid 20's allegedly robbed the convenience store at gunpoint."
In fact, I listened to a 911 recording once as a woman told the dispatcher that a "gentleman" had entered her bosses office and shot him. None of these guys are gentlemen according to Websters.