Friday, February 06, 2009

Do not cross the double line

Old paint
Deerfield Beach, FL, December 2008 [Click to embiggen]

Quick note: Yup, we're still doing the down thing as part of this week's Thematic Photographic. Do you feel like getting closer to the center of the earth? Click here.
You get really strange stares when you lie down in the middle of the road in a retirement community. Not that doing this outside a retirement community would merit a different response, mind you. I guess it's just a little more amusing in this place because the pace of life seems to be a little slower than elsewhere. A good thing, this.

Your turn: When he was still culturally relevant, John Tesh once wrote a song called "The Endless Road" as part of his Tour de France: The Early Years album. To this day, I listen to this tune and think about how the same road seems to take different people to different destinations. Where's this one headed? Have fun with it...


Mojo said...

I'm having waaay too much fun picturing the stir you might have caused flat on your belly in the middle of the road with a camera. Come to think of it, I've caused a few stirs with my camera too. (A tip: That photo of the Secret Service Agent you thought it would be cool to have? Refrain.) If I had to guess, I'd say this particular road went ... somewhere in Florida. Am I close?

I have no road today, but I do have a path of sorts. went a little more conventional with this installment.
I went a little more conventional with this one.
Thematic Photographic 35: "Down" - v.2.0 "Down By The Old Mill Stream"

kenju said...

Wherever it is headed, there shall be NO Passing!!

Michael K. Althouse said...

Man, do I have some stories about roads, where they take us and the numerous forks along the way. But you've read many of my posts - you know.

I love shooting from odd angles - and the low ones tend to produce some of the most compelling shots.

Here via Tanya this afternoon,


bobbie said...

I'm guessing you were as "down" as you could get to get this shot.

Unknown said...

Carmi! GET OFF THE ROAD, DUDE!!! hahahahahahaha...sorry, I'll be serious. But all I can think about is you getting run over by an 80 year old retiree in a buick who mixes up the gas and the brake. It happens you know.

Cloudia said...

Great Texture, Carmi!

Pamela said...

This road leads through the middle of a retirement community. A young whippernapper caused a bit of a stir when he spread eagled in the middle of the street and then hopped in his car and zoomed away.

Within two minutes the area was being surveyed by men using walkers, canes, and even one in a motorized cart. The local coffee klatch had been saving the world when the one of the group caught a glimpse of the body in the street.

"T'aint any blood," complained the gnarled fingered gent in the overalls.

With silver hair flying, the one with the scooter was full speed to the intersection in hopes to catch a fleeting glimpse.

"He was a spy." He determined.

The one with the cane shook it towards the setting sun and assured them that the guy was praying.

"Yup," agreed the fourth one still sipping his coffee, and looking quite dapper in his shorts, knee hi socks, and retread sandals.

"Praying that he'll never grow old and move here."

Hilary said...

Very cool perspective but you'd be hard-pressed to get me to lie down on a road particularly in a Florida retirement community. I've been to Florida and I don't even like being on the road within the safety of a vehicle. ;)

Unknown said...

Carmi: It's been a long time between visits--forgive my tardiness. I haven't heard John's song. But as always a very fine post. My Best to You! :)

craziequeen said...

Hey my dear - so glad NetChick sent me to say hello :-D

hmm - I want to see the photos the seniors took of our mad photographer friend as he lay in the road sizing up the photo of the double lines :-)

In the UK, double yellows mean 'No Parking' - that would make people sit up in the Americas....

I have no path - merely a lifetime of dots to be joined up....


rashbre said...

I like the 'fade to yellow' at the top of the frame. And the arc.

Anonymous said...

To Oz of course. I hope there's no black ice on it. I do it in the road (photograph) too. Netchick is to blame or she gets the credit.

Thumper said...

That road is headed right up to the hills, all nice and smooth with the perfect twists for an awesome bike ride--motorized or pedal powered. It's making me wish for dryer pavement and slightly warmer temps, so I can get out and search for that road in my own part of the world.

Here from Net Chick today!

David Edward said...

i still listen to the John Tesh radio show once in a while it is on LATE nights. cool stuff, if you are old enough to dig his style.

Anonymous said...

I worked in a museum once with a restored carousel. They left one of the horses unrestored to show their condition before they were rescued; they named it "Old Paint'.

Well traveled, well rode, sort of like your image.

(NetChick sent me.)

Snaggle Tooth said...

It may be heading to "Suicide Alley,"
which is the highway section (rt 6) on the lower Cape leading to P-town, so named due to it's narrowing to 2 lanes, n high accident numbers.
They've installed plastic posts every few yards to diswade illegal passing which has caused many accidents.
"Do NOT pass"
Very brave of you, even in a senior spot-

Pamela lol
David, One of my daughters loves Tesh Tunes!