Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Now appearing in...TG Daily

Survival in an urban environment is an interesting thing. Although there's talk of a deer cull in my 'burg, making my living by chasing animals around and harvesting them for meat is somewhat inconvenient, if not illegal. And even if the cops don't mind, I'm not really good with a bow and arrow, anyway. So much for that.

So when I'm not sharing wacky pictures and thoughts on my blog, I string letters into words and words into sentences for folks who, if the planets align, pay me for the result. It's a pretty neat way to run a career, and so far I'm trending nicely.

To wit, I've begun writing a weekly analyst's column for TG Daily. My first piece - The implications of the ObamaBerry: Wireless is safe - published just yesterday. This is going to be fun!

Your turn: I'd love to hear what you think of the article. I'll publish links to future columns as they hit the site.

One more thing: I write the monthly Security column for Certification Magazine. Click here for more tech-journo goodness. I can write for your company, too.


mo.stoneskin said...

It's a good article. The comments are a bit odd, but as (I assume!) It wasn't you commenting on your own piece I'll let that go!

I guess an email-synched smart phone is a bit of a risk, but then no more than a laptop.

You're right about wireless security though, it's a halluva lot better than it was.

And the bigger risk would be badly secured online email accounts anyway rather than wireless itself.

Anyway, good article.

Tony Gasbarro said...

You wrote a tech article for Trans-Gender Magazine? What do they care about the safety of Crackberries?

(nyuk, nyuk!)