Sunday, March 08, 2009

Caption This 111

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St. Thomas, ON, July 2007

When you fly commercial, you get a tiny, scratched, plastic porthole to see the world slip by below. When you're a pilot-in-training for the Canadian Armed Forces, you get to sit in a bubble. I guess it makes buzzing your mom's house a little easier.

Your turn: I need help naming this photo. Click on the Comments link below and suggest something funny, witty or just plain nutty. Enter as often as you wish, because multiples are always welcome. Mark your calendars for next Sunday, when we name the winner and post a new one.

About last week's photo of ice skates: Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions. The Canadian in me loves images like this, as they serve as reminders of the warmth one finds in the the middle of a prohibitively cold climate. It shapes us in many ways, and I'll keep snapping pics that tell that slice of the Canadian story.

But enough about my Canuckness. You want to know who won, right? First, our honorable menschens:
  • Terri: "Bladerunner."
  • TheMuddledMarketPlace: "Inline skating."
  • Cloudia: "The Swiss Army's crack guerilla units are ready for anything."
  • Mojo: "I tell you if it hadn't been for that French judge..."
  • David: "Slices of life."
  • Jill: "Go figure."
  • Anne: "Axel dreaming."
  • Robin: "Axel rows."
In the end, Jill's "Go figure" figures as this week's winner. Her blog, A bubble in the stream of consciousness, is a refreshing look at a family's life in southern California. She's direct, honest and funny - all of which makes her blog a great read. Please drop by and congratulate her.


Sleepypete said...

Hmm. "Suddenly the bug started wishing he'd stuck to the motorway"


Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!
Thanks for the mention!
Captions for this week:

"Ground Control to Major Tom."

"Fly by the seat of your pants!"

"Jet streamed."

"In plane view."


Sleepypete said...

Doh ! I was thinking so much on the caption that I forgot to say Netchick sent me ...

"No-fly zone around the cricket !"

(inspired by the highlights I'm watching of the NZ v India game - definite threat to low flying aircraft in that game!)

mo.stoneskin said...

"Holy Crap, zoomed in too far."

David Edward said...

(triangle sign)
Air head onboard.

Linda said...

Airline Bailout

marcia@joyismygoal said...

Parachute! Check!

Mojo said...

Thanks for the menschen from last week! I hadn't played for a while, so it was good to get back in the groove. Sort of.

I figure it probably isn't, but this bears a striking resemblance to the North American Aircraft P-51 Mustang of the late WWII era. Had the Army Air Corps fielded that plane earlier, it could have shortened the war considerably. There were rumors that it would be revived and updated for use as a close air support attack fighter, but as far as I know nothing ever came of that.

Ah yes. Captions. As many responses as this photo stirs, most of them aren't exactly clever. But I'll have a go anyway.

"Good and Prop-er"
"Look Ma, No Wires!"
"Table for One"
"This is not your father's Oldsmobile."
"New Wiper Blades?"
"Heaven's Nose"
"Please remain seated with your seat belts fastened..."
"Champagne and Canopies will be served once we reach our cruising altitude."
"Altitude Adjustment"

Yeah... that's kinda what I thought too.

Teena in Toronto said...

Wow! Cool pic, Carmi!

I hope all is well with you!

NetChick sent me.

Anonymous said...

"Buzzzz! Bee on my nose!!"

Daryl said...

Ground control to Major Tom ..

Pilot to Tower

Lifting offffffff

~j said...

gee, Carmi....thanks. i guess all those years skating on the ponds in North Dakota finally paid off.

Pamela said...

(1) "This sure isn't Orville!" (Miss Bianca)

(2)Zoom Zoom Zoom

(3)Top Gun

srp said...

"What a time to get this red zit!"


So much for blending in with the background... "HEY! Who came up with the bright idea to paint this thing red?

Have a great day!

momemts in time said...

1 The invisible man has flying lessons;

2 "Where did you leave your lunchbox?";

3 "You've tried the 'Scarlet O'Hara red' now I'd like to test the 'Carmen carmine'"

4 "We'd better put this wedding party down to an unmaned drone"

Carli N. Wendell said...

"In Plane Sight"

Anonymous said...

Jesus, take the wheel!!


Maybe more later...:)

Sara said...

Houston, we have a problem, we can't seem to find the pilot

Anne said...

Don't open the sunroof.

Anne said...

room with a view