Sunday, March 01, 2009

Caption This 110

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London, ON, January 2009

I tend to wear my Canadian citizenship on my sleeve. As much as we like to whine about our long, cold winters, I suspect deep down most of us truly love living in this part of the world. Our unique meteorology has helped us build a national persona that just wouldn't be the same if we had it a little easier from Mother Nature. We hunker down, help each other, and use our strange Canadian sense of humour to make it through till spring.

And we skate. A lot. So when my wife and I took the munchkins for skates a few weeks back (their feet keep growing...imagine that!) I couldn't resist this shot just before we headed home.

Your turn: Please suggest a witty caption (or two, or three, or...) for this photo. I'll post the winner next Sunday, along with a new Caption This photo. For more background on the CT thing, click here. This photo supports this week's Thematic Photographic theme, winter. For more on that - come on, you're curious, right? - head over here. And have fun with both of them, as that's why we do what we do!

About last week's photo os a dilapidated old house: I often wonder if it'll still be there the next time we pass through town. I'll watch for it when we do. In the meantime, I was quite jazzed that so many of you shared your thoughts on this forlorn, forgotten home. Honorable menschens go to:
  • Tabitha In Bliss: "Is anybody home?"
  • Terri: "Cletus and Lurleen's house may not have been much, but when the tornado headed for the trailer park, at least they were safe."
  • Gary Rith: "May 15, 2012, a new B and B and antiques shop was opened this week by George and Jeffrey, who have just moved out from the city."
  • Tanya: "This just in: Ancient brothel slated for demolition."
  • Dana: "Sign of the times."
  • Jean: "Brilliance, before the crumble."
  • Robin: "Nightmare on Elm Street." and "Roof or consequences."
  • Vodka Mom: "Um, honey? You CANNOT be serious."
  • Stephen: "Cracked house" and "Reverse mortgage."
As you can tell by the unusually large number of honorable menschens, I had a tough time choosing this week. Haunting scenes tend to make for reflective suggestions. Deeply poignant, reflective suggestions. And this week you all raised the level of your game. Kcinnova's (aka Karen) "Bright eyes, shuttered doors" was, in many ways, reflective of a lost past coupled with a relentless hope for the future. I'd like to think that this house still has one. Karen's blog reflects her life as a military wife, a mom and an observer of the everyday things from an anything-but-everyday perspective. If you "get" me, you'll "get" her blog, too. Please pop by and congratulate her on her creativity.


Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!
"Skating, skating over a lake or two!"

Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!
"Just add ice"

Anonymous said...

"The Weight Watchers Skating Club was thrilled to discover they would be doing figure ates."
Elvis Stoyko

Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!
I've got a few more:
"Antway you slice it..."

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

Hi Carmi

"Inline skating?"


"Come in no 5 your time is up"

kcinnova said...

Thank you, Carmi! I'm honored.
Growing up north of Seattle, there were quite a few of us who as teenagers loved all things Canadian. I'm pretty sure it wasn't just "aboot" the beer and the drinking age...

Sara said...

I gotta play...being the non-skater.

"Whee, they are out of my size!"

Cloudia said...

"The Swiss Army's crack guerilla units are ready for anything."

MorahMommy said...


all I could think was

all ducks in a row

I know it has nothing to do with the picture...but it was the first thing that popped into my head!

Jan said...

Why are they all for right feet?

Mojo said...

Well in support of the "Winter" TP theme... I told you I was on a roll this week.
Thematic Photographic 38: "Winter" v.5.0 "Ice Tassles"

Now. For a caption... hmm... Some of these might be a little obscure...

*Mind the toe picks on these, eh?


*Five by five

*Hmph! Just my luck... with six you get eggroll.

*Vancouver or Bust!

*Back to the grind

*"I tell you if it hadn't been for that French judge..."

kenju said...


David said...

slices of life

David said...

cold steel on hot ice

or Netchick sent me

break a leg on the TV tomorrow

Thomas said...

It's too early in the morning to come up with a clever caption, but that is one really fantastic shot!

lucy said...

Participating for the first time!

"55,555 feet have been is me. Now it is your turn!"

jinksy said...

Since when have centipedes gone skating?

Daryl said...

Got ice?!

Sara said...

Five Alive

Sara said...

Ice princess' dream

Sara said...

What a hockey mum will never know about.

Sara said...

Toe Pick-ture perfect

jill said...

"go figure"

Jean said...

"You're in the army now"

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Carmi..

Jean said...

"On your mark.. Get set... "

Anne said...

Five fives
Future Olympians start here
Two and a half pairs
Fives in search of polish.
Axel dreaming

My daughter skates, she's at the level now where I'll be forking out about $500 for a new pair (boots + blades) if her feet grow out of her current pair.

Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

Hey Carmi,

My first thought is already posted...let's go with a few more :) ~

Axel rows
Blades of glory
High fives
Spinnin' heels
Skates mate
Gay blades
Boot, scoot, boogie