Monday, March 09, 2009

We bring good things to life

Source of comfort
London, ON
March 2009

Thanks to the germfest that's settled on our house for the better part of the last month, our kettle's been working overtime. Some days, it seems like we've gone through enough tea to fill the hold of a Middle Ages-vintage trading ship. I'm thankful that the supermarket near our house sells the ginormous boxes of it, because otherwise I'd be in there every other day.

If I had to keep one kitchen appliance, it would be our kettle. It's the one I use every day, the one that doesn't annoy the bejeebers out of me with senseless buttons and sounds, the one those friendly blue glow reminds me that I'm mere moments away from having a warm mug of something in my hands, the one that lets me bring a little bit of comfort to whoever in the house needs it most.

Your turn: Unnatural attachments to countertop appliances and the people who form them. Please discuss.

One more thing: This photo supports this week's Thematic Photographic theme, transparent. Click here to participate. And if you haven't captioned yet, you're missing out on the most fun you can have with your mouse on. Head over here for that.

Oops, make that two: My most recently published TG Daily column, Kindle Shmindle, is currently the second most-discussed article on the site. No, I'd never shill for comments, but I hope you'll click on over and read it anyway. Just because. It'll make you smile.


Sarah said...

I just like the fact that you said that the kettle "doesn't annoy the bejeebers out of me"... is bejeebers a technical term? :)

kenju said...

Carmi, the woman who teaches swimming at my health club has a Kindle. She reads it in between classes and while she waits, and she says she loves it.

P.S. Re my earlier comment - Woz stinks as a dancer.

Cloudia said...

My sunbeam "hotshot" is always ready to make a hot "cuppa."
Carmi, thanks for your extraordinarily kind comment at my blog! You are an inspiration and very appreciated. Aloha-

Breeze said...

Mine is my coffee grinder..easy to use, twenty bucks at Zehrs, PC brand, press a button and the best ground coffee feels decadent, it, works perfectly, looks good and like your kettle is low on the "annoyed bejeebers" scale..yes's a technical term..but if you have to ask you are officially out of bejeebers so you're all good.

Great to read your article!

kcinnova said...

5 a.m. + a full coffeepot = happy me

kcinnova said...

I do know someone who loves and uses her kindle. I prefer a paper book that I can hold in my hands, smell the pages, and fall asleep/drop without jeopardizing $400 worth of equipment.

Mojo said...

Could I survive without my coffemaker? Probably. Would I be hating life? Definitely!

I had a tangentially similar idea for today's Thematic post... a friendly blue glow at least. Other than that there's no connection though.
Thematic Photographic 39: "Transparent" v.6.0 "Blue Light District"

srp said...

Countertop appliance.... the vertical roaster.... it makes great roast chicken in just an hour... soooooo yummy... wait... I must raid fridge!

Tanna said...

Capresso coffee grinder/maker. COULD NOT live without it! (or at least would not live pleasantly) =)

g said...

I love my Cuisinart even more than I hate my blender. I feel like a mother with two children, trying not to play favorites. My Cuisinart is all that a countertop appliance should be - sharp, efficient, competent. Everything it does comes out perfect.

My blender, bought on the cheap at Bed, Bath & Beyond, is a no-goodnik, a lazy, dull-bladed slacker. It grinds away tediously, noisily, and then when you open the lid you find a huge chunk of food stuck between the blades, untouched. The other night I threw some cherry tomatoes into it to whirr up and add to a sauce I was making. The stupid thing couldn't even chop them up.

I feel like a parent with a brilliant child and a challenged child - I still use the blender to give it some encouragement, buck it up a little, but my Cuisinart is really my favorite.

Sleepypete said...

For me it's my microwave :-) I use it as a cooking timer (timer only, no nuking) for my dinner, plus most importantly :

It's where the popcorn comes from !

On Kindle - another potentially interesting piece of technology but ... 1 use item. There's other devices out there that will do what Kindle does, plus they will do lots of other things too. Like my iPaq had MS Reader on for a time, plus I could use it as a Satnav. Plus I'd rather have old-tech for this one :-)

Books - the format is universally compatible, the only batteries needed are in the torch and you'll still be able to read them in 10 years when the Kindle will have long since disappeared.

I like toys but this one could be a toy too far.

Lulda Casadaga said...

I purchased a "Blue" electric tea kettle more than 10yrs ago and I just love it...I even gave my sister the exact same one...but I use mine more! :D

p.s. I have found a transparent photo and posted!

carli said...

I develop unnatural attachments to inanimate objects, to the point that I consider myself and the bowl I use at work for oatmeal to be a team.

Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

This photo could be used to launch your next theme, too :). No wonder you were thinkin' kitchen. How 'bout capturing a picture that shows off your kettle in full--I'm curious now :).

rashbre said...

you seem to have incorporated a self portrait into this one....