Monday, March 23, 2009

Turbulent tea

Storm's brewing
London, ON, March 2009 [Click all images to embiggen]

Remember this photo? After my I was finished shooting it, my wife came down to the kitchen and smiled at the realization that I had been playing with my camera instead of setting up for breakfast. She's used to my photographic tangents, and often offers to help me get the shot if it means she can get the kitchen back in order.

She offered to pour the milk if I thought it would help. But of course! So while she poured, I snapped away. And before long, we sat down to our soothing mugs of tea. Admittedly, mine had a little more milk in it that usual. The sacrifices we make for photography...

Your turn: Collaborating with someone who matters. Please discuss.

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PastormacsAnn said...

Interesting you bring up collaboration today - I needed both hands on the camera while taking my photo for "drink" so I called my oldest daughter, Sweetalo, in to pour for me so I could take the picture. I needed the both of us to capture the moment.

Robin said...

Hee hee, it's a tempest in a teacup!

momemts in time said...

Making portraits and using models ~ no collaboration equals a poor image unless you are after an informal or snatched picture.

Help: I remember as a student making some images involving a bottle of wine and a picnic ~ very simple- but I wanted a couple out of focus running hand in hand towards the picnic and seen in the final result just by the bottle. If I can find it (on transparancy) I will poost it ... but the number of times my poor brother and the girl had to run into the picture. Some collaboration.

Manipulation: There are though times where collaboration becomes stage managed ~ the political photocall or the publicity news picture... and I recall another photographer in an Asian country being told a coach was leaving to take the photographers to where rockets were going to be fired at an enemy target at the right time for them to go out live on CNN for breakfast news- IMHO that is dangerous collaboration. The photographer had a wooden large format camera, tripod and dark cloth so was not intersted in a staged news picture!

Anonymous said...

"Turbulent tea" inspired a thought..
How much of the turbulence is beneath the surface (once the milk is poured), and not as much as a ripple is seen outside. This is so reflective how some of us feel, at times.

Very nice picture. It is amazing how you get such good shots from ordinary things..

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I love the combination of this caption and this photograph.

Mystic Thistle said...

This post is great and so is the photoraph. Tea is something that just brings me happiness in so many ways.

My husband helps me stretch canvas and together we get them tight as a drum. Its fun! His opinion of my work matters to me more than anyone's and I know he will be honest.

MorahMommy said...

I love the photos you take. I find often look at the world like you, now. "What would Carmi think of this for a picture?" I guess after being together for almost 25 years; 17 married, it's only natural.

Sometimes it becomes aggravating. We're in the middle of doing something and we need to stop, so you can snap the shot or maybe we get embarrassing stares. (I just walk away like I don't know you) :D

But we need to support each other. You do that for my art...stuff I don't always think that's good! You are an artist and you have a quarky, amazing mind and I never tire of seeing what you come up with!

Daryl said...

Nice! When I took my coffee/pearls shot Husband poured while I clicked .. sometimes photography does take 2!