Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Larry King retires. World yawns.

So Larry King has announced he'll end his show, Larry King Live, later this year. I'm sorry to sound negative, but he is, and will forever be, the penultimate example of someone who has overstayed his welcome.

I felt immense sadness watching him in recent years, as he had been reduced to a pale shadow of a respectable interviewer. He pandered, he soft-pedaled, he let 800-pound elephants stay precisely where they were.

At the very least, his impending departure will open up some room for new talent. Given the state of television and, more specifically, of CNN itself, the sad reality is most of us will never even notice or care. Another dinosaur exits stage left.

Your turn: Will you miss Mr. King? Who should replace him? Why?


Tabor said...

That was also the case with our dear Senator Byrd. He was just a shadow of the statesmen he used to be. Our politicians rarely retire.

fredamans said...

I don't think anyone should replace him, or even if then can in the right respects. It's good he is retiring, shows relics need polishing once in a blue moon.